Times’ Up Mr. Holder…

Being as open as possible with our readers we must say that we’ve never experienced anyone in the history of the United States be treated with the amount of “kid-gloves” that the US Attorney General Eric Holder has received in the last year. If one were addressing civility – then almost every member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform would be receiving some kind of award.

Unlike the entertainment industry where make-shift celebrities and those wannabe kinds as well will literally set up more award shows than are practically comprehensible – from the OSCARS, to every major city in the world’s “Film Critics Award,” and certainly let’s not leave out the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA (British), Venice Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, and let’s not forget Sundance Film awards…in all actuality between a film, its music, and every person from the director to the best boy has a category for rewarding themselves. Oh! Lest I never forget the People Choice Awards!!

However, in a real world with real events occurring – tragedies, travesties, horror, killing, death, and St. Valentine’s Day – we only have one request to make…so please hear us now:

All media, press, especially main-stream media, and everyone who thinks they have the claim of intelligentsia, please without further adieu, let’s all leave out the digs and incivility of referring to those who are charged with overseeing the balance of power, moreover, the separation thereof, leave out their party affiliation…nothing is so disgusting than to see a lawyer lying to his country and the committee only to be upstaged by “…those Republicans are doing this…” rubbish!

Texas senator John Cornyn recently joined the growing number of dissenter’s who’ve called on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign. And a week from today, the House Oversight Committee will convene to consider pursuing a contempt-of-Congress citation against Holder. If the committee decides to proceed, the entire House will vote on the matter.

The following is from the editors of the National Review Online:

“Holder has no intention of resigning, especially on the say-so of Republicans — but the attorney general has much to answer for, and Republicans should continue to make the case that he is wholly inadequate to his position and operating in bad faith.”

We do not know what these editors are trying to motivate or what inside the beltway game they’re playing;  however, this much is for certain – with the mention of a contempt citation from Congress – Holder’s position has changed from stall, stall, and stall to how much and with whom may I compromise with.

It seems now – after at least one year; and more so since Brian Terry was murdered – that the Congressional officials have turned up the heat and Holder is looking for who he can spill too as well as keep himself and possibly the POTUS clear of wrong doing.

Yet as for today we publically exalt Senator L. Graham for his relentless questioning of Holder today as well as for Senator Charles Grassley and as always Rep. Darrel Issa.

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