Voter Integrity – Justice Department and White House is attacking that too…

One comes to the realization that time well-spent is already in a culmination of articles written over the last several years (please see archives or page information at top of site) that address the inherent maneuverings with regards to immigration particulars, special interest groups, corruption, and perhaps the most coveted of them all – voter and voting integrity.

Even the main-stream media cannot avoid covering these areas insofar as the plotting of the Obama Administration and certain scheming of his trusted inner-circles is at issue every single day.

The Obama Justice Department is supposed to be an independent arbiter of justice, not a legal battering ram for leftist special interest groups. We have to say, it is becoming difficult to determine where activist groups such as the ACLU begin and the Obama Justice Department ends. We hope (but do not expect) the Justice Department will abide by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law and release these records immediately.

As you well know if you’ve been reading this space, Judicial Watch has uncovered documents showing that the Obama DOJ has also been partnering with the ACORN-connected Project Vote, President Obama’s former employer, to use the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) to increase voter registrations for those on public assistance,

which is a key Obama voter demographic, while ignoring a stipulation in the NVRA that requires states to keep voter registration lists clean.

The results: a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent voter registrations, raising the prospect of chaos on Election Day. Just the way the Obama gang wants it.

And as if this two-pronged strategy to abuse the NVRA were not enough, when states do take actions to clean up voter registration rolls, they get hammered by Justice Department lawyers. The DOJ has already filed lawsuits against Texas and South Carolina over their voter ID laws.

Moreover, what is happening in Florida as we write can only bring back the ugliest memories of the 2000 election and the recount predicated upon voting idiosyncrasies that were alleged there? Now in an attempt to remove deceased people from their voting rolls, guess who is already starting the threatening tactics of a law suit?

How many illegal alien and other non-citizen voters should be able to vote in Florida in the 2012 election? The State of Florida has taken a “zero tolerance” approach to this question while the Obama Justice
Department seems to be saying “the more the merrier!”

The voting apparatus in Florida is honoring the longest standing American tradition we are able to think of – the privilege of voting – and being duty bound to ensure that the State’s voting machine is neat, tidy, clean, and well-oiled ahead of time.

It all began a couple of weeks ago, when Florida election officials began doing what the law requires, attempting to clean its voter rolls of ineligible voters. Importantly, Florida took action only after Judicial Watch sent a letter to the Florida’s two top election officials requesting information about Florida’s voting list maintenance procedures. The State’s response to our letter of inquiry disclosed to us the massive number of dead voters on the rolls and a promise to remove them. You can view JW’s letter to Florida here and the state’s response here.

With all due respect to the Obama Administration and to his Lieutenants with the DOJ, Judicial Watch’s 2012 Election Integrity Project is an attempt to targeting states with the dirtiest voter registration rolls and threatening to sue if they don’t fix the problem. Judicial Watch’s legal team is right now preparing lawsuits against three states. And we are considering our options in several other states.

This action and honorable action taken by Judicial Watch should have the members of that organization lining up to receive Presidential Medals of Freedom from the POTUS rather than having that administration trying to hold their machinations as a priority. Let us not leave out the Freedom Medal’s counterpart from the legislative branch of government, The Congressional Gold Medal.

Something has gone terribly wrong when an agency that uses their resources to remind, assist, or alert the several states with regards to safety and integrity – certainly one of the few notions that remains American – then is headed off by DOJ or a Presidential Administration…we definitely see the honor in what JW is doing.

When one thinks of DOJ or the White House especially in the last 3 or more years what immediately comes to mind other than corruption, Fast & Furious, Colombian prostitutes, ACORN, New Black Panther Party, and leaking of our government’s most coveted intelligence information?

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