Stars or Celebrities, A-list, B-list or Wannabe’s and “their” charitable contributions

We all have our moody or off days. I and the staff here at The Thinker are no different; however, it does appear that the more one is in the big spot light, it seems the more one is affected by chronic depressive disorders, panic attacks, and really feeling the blue;. or, at least their better at walking the walk. Anyone seen photos of Kirsten Dunst lately; how about Lindsey (no panties) Lohan?

Suffice it to say that huge mega and quasi-celebrities pander to the public more than the rest. How about this one little tidbit of information: Have a Facebook page? Have many celebrity friends or acquaintances? Heck, even if you’re relegated to their Subscription page “Like” or not-like, one still only gets information from them whenever their manager, agent, personal secretary, or personal friends post something about them.

There is absolutely nothing – hmm, including the Kardashian Klan – that gets to most other than this morbid sense of duty than those making money decide what to do with their money. And please believe me, most of it is wasteful if not irresponsible giving in the form of Charities.

But first a word of caution and advice…when one elects or decides to openly support a charity there are a few questions that should be answered before one red (or copper) penny gets invested. First one should be responsible enough to ask for an accounting of where the money is going; moreover, how is it disbursed. Second, one should always ask how much of the charitable contributions collected are used for operating expenses within the offices for the personneland finally third, one should ask where and what the funds are used for. Now, this all makes perfectly good sense to those who have financial knowledge and actually care where the money is going and how it is spent. The most important issue:

If anyone within the charitable organization is unable to answer these questions or refer you to the ones who can, why not just make the check out to the person you’re talking too?

These days, it seems every celebrity; even celeb wannabe has a charity. Whether it’s born out of the goodness of their hearts, or a need for image rehabilitation, it seems there’s not a star in Hollywood who can walk a red carpet without mentioning his or her own, personal charitable foundation.

It’s seems easy, right? People give money and it’s then disbursed to those in need. But running a charity can be a lot more convoluted and confusing than a celebrity bargained for. (Please see above questions.)
Last year, Kanye West shuttered the Kanye West Foundation after it was revealed that while he brought in over $570,000 in 2010, all of the money went to paying “administrative fees,” and none of it was disbursed to the needy. Wyclef Jean was humiliated when it was discovered that, instead of helping the people of Haiti, his fund Yele Haiti, had squandered millions. Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Bolton have also been slammed in the past for their charities’ performance.

So who can you trust? And how do you know if a celebrity’s charity is a vanity project or the real deal?

He’s still screaming about his donation to Haiti

Nonprofit watchdog group Charity Navigator suggests no more than 15 percent of a charity’s cash flow should go toward administration or overhead. If a charity has 30 percent or more of its funds going toward administrative fees or overhead, they say a charity has trouble.

The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance gives a slightly wider birth for administrative fees, recommending charities spend at least 65 percent of their total expenses on program activities.
Put it this way – if you thought your donations were going to save starving children, wouldn’t you be upset if your money was actually going to pay someone’s salary, throw a party or fly someone around the world on a private jet?

We looked at the numbers published by several celebrities’ charitable organizations and asked the stars to justify the amount of money they spend on administrative fees, and the dollars they disburse to those they say they are in the business of helping.

See who gives the most to the most.

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