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It is alleged that it takes all kinds of people to make a world – and certainly notwithstanding any of us here at The Thinker –the only consequence that we could possibly think to add would be that it takes all kinds of different people to make a world. Having established that premise we wonder hopefully as you do if, in fact, our current world is making headway in the areas of learning from past societies, cultures, even civilizations.

Or on the other hand is it business as usual. I believe that this forthcoming general election has much to say about whether or not we, as a nation, have learned what it feels like to be abused to the point where are we going to learn from the nonsensical rubbish of the Obama Administration to include: literally stealing our retirement funds, spending hoards of taxpayer funds on his person pet projects, his constant reckless disregard for the U.S. Constitution and those unique issues that has made America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Has anyone – and if you have we’d love to see you comment, or at the very least say “Hello” in the comments section below – noticed the double standards and at times the triple and quadruple standards as far as let’s see…how about dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, Justice department, even the selling out of America for the sake of someone or some organizations profiteering?

How many of us know people who have fallen under the Gestapo tactics of the IRS where these individuals have had wage garnishments, property loses and other debilitating activities at the behest of this organization? Then only within a short time period finding out that Senator so and so has umpteen houses and is currently being investigated for misappropriation of funds?

One unique problem is that it is because of this person’s position that he is not treated like the rest of us. That for us demonstrates a double standard. Now the POTUS nominates a Treasury Secretary and without even making an inquiry pursuant to this Cabinet officials status with this dreadful organization…it is later that we – the general public – finds out that this Treasury Secretary is extraordinarily in debt owing tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes that he hasn’t paid. That’s what we refer to as a triple standard. And now again the House of Representatives was defeated on a bill that would have stop egregious payments being paid out to illegal alien children who are not even in this country! You name what kind of blank standard that one is.

It is one thing to see and witness corruptness occurring directly in front of our own eyes, however, it is still quite another issue altogether when one finds out it carried the full endorsement of the President of the United States (POTUS).

So in the heat of a public paid campaign season how many of us have lost sight of the Fast & Furious weapon scam? What many either don’t know or don’t want to know is that there was a tandem activity going on during the exact same time called Operation Gun Runner.

So please where are my share certificates in every bank, investment banker, insurance company, Auto Company, and whatever else my money was used to bail out or my credit facility for assisting Solyndra up until their bankruptcy?

It sure seems like my portion of asset and recovery dollars together with yours did not achieve the desired results.

The difference between being American as opposed the greatest civilizations the earth has ever known…Mayans, pyramid making folks, and others is that these other civilizations did not learn from their mistakes. Are we?

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