The lengths some will go to with their reporting…

Left-leaning much..? Why the assumed need for the word “Fair” when reporting as the “Fair Immigration Reform Movement” who has operations by several special interest groups, advocacy organizations, and from 30 states? We believe that their reporting is worse than the left-wing liberal biased media could ever be. Here is just a small example of the excrement their publishing:

“Sanchez, 27, has lived in the United States since he left his native Mexico when he was 14. Sanchez came to the U.S. to work and send money to his family. He is a construction and landscape worker from Ridgeland, S.C. He is married and has two children, both American citizens. Sanchez had been arrested for driving without a license, a misdemeanor.”

There is heaps more from this person, Rich Stolz, Interim Director of FIRM, along with his minions referred to as Tolu F. or whoever else is writing this rubbish in the form of “Press Releases.”

Now on to the Sanchez matter …please be advised that this article is about a U. S. Congressman coming to the aid of Sanchez; however, one would not find a lot of news about that. Make no mistake about this issue folks – this type of reporting is an egregious example of trying to be politically correct and completely manipulating the language of truth and facts. So let’s try again…

Gabino Sanchez left his family and his native country of Mexico very early. At the age of fourteen Sanchez, showing reckless disregard for America’s Rule of Law and just like millions of other illegal immigrants come into this nation as if it existed without law; moreover, Sanchez violated the civil rights of American’s that stood between him and his efforts to work here and send his money back to Mexico.

Sanchez works in construction when available and as part of a gardening outfit like so many other day-laborer’s do once getting into the USA – being sure to maintain his low-profile. Although other publications espouse that Sanchez is from Ridgeland, S.C. yet the true fact remains that Sanchez is from Mexico. Furthermore, the FIRM movement states that he is married, perhaps to an illegal alien spouse, insofar as they do mention that his two children are American citizens; albeit, not by their choice but rather simply by the nature of where they were born. Subsequently we would like to ask any member of FIRM if Sanchez uses government entitlements such as claiming credit for his children with the Internal Revenue Service for extra money.

Citing issues indeed worse, Sanchez had been arrested for driving without a license. Now here is the puzzlement of trying hard at being politically correct when doing so really hurts an individual rather than helps.

We openly acknowledge that (a – Sanchez broke the law when he entered and remained in the USA, illegally, and (b – Sanchez was arrested for driving without a Driver’s License – in itself hardly an arrest able offense on its own. Therefore, Sanchez may have plea bargained his way to the DWL; regardless, FIRM commended Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) for fighting to stop the deportation of the South Carolina man. Gutierrez’s efforts on behalf of Gabino Sanchez have helped keep Sanchez with his family while he works to resolve his case with immigration officials.

What remains bewildering to our organization is the plain notion that Gabino Sanchez has been living in the USA for 13 or more years, so why does he wait until he is facing deportation to attempt to do something about it?

This aspect of Sanchez’s manner is stupefying. Moreover, this is precisely what happens when an irresponsible organization such as FIRM starts messing with the language. Who is settling the bills for his incarceration and hearings? Considering his record with law enforcement, Sanchez was indeed subject to deportation on authority from the Obama Administration who had directed federal officials to review more than 300,000 cases currently in deportation proceedings to identify low-priority individuals whose cases could be closed because they had strong ties to the United States and they posed no threat to society.

Again irresponsible reporting – who is to judge whether or not Sanchez is considered “low-priority” and that he doesn’t pose a threat to society?

This is the vile excrement that goes on day by day in the United States that in this particular case involved an illegal alien, a member of Congress (who incidentally has legislation pending posing changes to current immigration policy) special interest and advocacy groups, who like Rep. Gutierrez have monetary interests and membership gains to consider; yet nothing whatsoever is said regarding the civil rights of those people Sanchez’s actions are affecting.

Who if anyone is considering the civil rights, integrity, conscience, and morality of those being influenced by Gabino Sanchez?


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