Trust a Corrupt person to be Transparent and Accountable..?

Recently the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing aimed at getting some answers about the vacancies of Inspector General’s a top the various departments of government. Moreover, according to the Heritage Report, it has been precisely 1,111 days since the U.S. Senate has produced a budget. “The Obama administration has often proclaimed its commitment to the transparency and accountability,” said Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., adding, “That’s why it’s so troubling.”

Let’s consider this further – It has been over three years (1,111 days to be precise) since the U.S. Senate last passed a budget. The last time Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) fulfilled his legal responsibility, Conan was still on NBC, Tea Parties hadn’t come together and the iPad hadn’t yet been introduced.

This is one of the biggest abdications of power we have seen on the part of our government in modern time. And there is no excuse. The Senate needs only 51 votes to pass a budget. Democrats have had well over that for President Obama’s entire term, yet they refuse to even offer a plan.

Furthermore one really needs to critically think and evaluate this dilemma: How in your thinking is America going to continue to survive? Also we would love to point out in our right sidebar or column the notion of taking “Personal Responsibility” in the matters of government – all government, meaning from the lowest echelon to the highest. After all, it is by our vote that elected these buffoons – and it should also be our responsibility to terminate, fire, let go, or pink slip these irresponsible elected officials with our vote.

We feel that the article below regarding President Obama’s quasi-family members are the “tell” of any responsibility that he would feel toward our great nation.

We believe that rather than have a press secretary espouse that there would be no White House involvement or intervention in any way is useless and a further abdication of power. President Barack Obama should have taken the reins – and just how he masquerades around as the Commander-in-Chief, he should have taken the initiative to do the personally responsible matter at hand, and saw to it that the immigration laws and orders issued by a judge were carried out.

Regardless of whether he is the president or not inasmuch as an officer of the court is delegated the same power. It has become overwhelmingly obvious that Barack Hussein Obama could care less about this nation; moreover, about the people who live in our great country.

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