Our Federal Government, a different kind of story…

Here is a parable for you – yes you know the people we are addressing; since everyone in America wants to be recognized and to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame or acknowledgment, we quantify this result. Where in excess of 300 million people live and seeking their very own 15 minutes – then in equality matters the various sub-groups, or sub-cultures, newly arriving illegal immigrants, just like from Dusk till Dawn every homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and other matters start demanding that laws either be changed, enacted, or invented allowing them, as well as others,’ “Special Rights” for marriage and every other matter including family matters, we think that you might start to get our message.

If not simply think of the various ethnic groups who have immigrated and rather than go with the flow, heck no! Let’s make America a better place just like the place we just left. Oh yes, mercy killings, Sharia law, and Cordoba House. Offend anyone, heck no, we pay taxes so we’re entitled to the American Dream. When our stuffed and overweight government allowed some of you to come and be a part of America – we are sure they were not saying “…come on over, change the place and what you don’t like – sue the heck out of them.” There is always the United States Attorney General Eric Holder and the entire over-bloated Justice Department that will find something for us.

How many times must the U.S. government continue to pay restitution to blacks, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, then after you’ve received the money then there is always food stamps, unemployment insurance, welfare, or some other reason to include your family members who are not even in this country as well as continue to dole out funds for college educations? Want much?

This entire article comes as the result of reading an interesting article addressing downsizing the federal government and a blog post written by a representative of congress, Kristi Noem (R-SD) wherein she opens with this quote; “While April may be more commonly known for the April 15th tax deadline, April is also National Financial Literacy Month.”

There lies the end of the parable. I began reflecting on some past lessons I’ve learned whilst in academia, namely monthly observances. During a particular time whilst teaching at an all black academy and a nice one at that, the month was February and I overheard one student tell another student, “Hey it’s February, its Black History Month!” Much to my chagrin only a few of the students noticed the complete over-haul of going from the Winter theme demanded by the district to Kente cloth with over 50 new colors and walls adorned with portraits of famous blacks.

We had an entire years worth of material to get through spending all day just on Black-African History Month when from the same student exasperates, “…why is it that we only get a 28-29 day month…?” First we brought forth the notion of how fortunate we were to have a recognized month…then we focused on those who didn’t have a month at all.

During our lunch break I did a cursory search on who and what month to try and sort out who didn’t have some semblance of recognition month. The exact opposite happened! I stopped my printer at 15 pages of “who’s who” months and had a great teachable moment for after lunch. Oh yeah…to this very day I receive Occasion cards from my student who has now graduated from college and just started her family with the birth of her little girl.

Moral of the story – this is our way of alerting everyone who will read it – that the U.S. Federal Government has gotten far too big, fat, and overweight. Who knows maybe the obesity pandemic experienced in the US is in direct congruence with the federal government.



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