Comprehensive Immigration Reform…we think not!

Just as the U.S. Supreme Court begins to hear arguments about Arizona’s hard-line immigration law, a study pops up that says illegal immigration from Mexico is a diminishing problem. Most of us hope that this is the case; however, given this is an election year and with so many failed Obama administration policies and pure unadulterated rubbish, not even trying to rectify the situation we believe this situation to be one of the characteristics of natural demography.

According to a report released by the Pew Hispanic Center, the massive wave of Mexicans entering this country illegally is subsiding and a rising counter-current of Mexicans returning to their homeland has brought net migration to a statistical equilibrium.

This trend began about five years ago, according to the report, and the number of undocumented Mexican nationals in the U.S. has fallen from 7 million to 6.1 million. At the same time, the number returning – or, as Mitt Romney would put it, “self-deporting” – has jumped significantly.

One big factor in this is something demographers have anticipated for years.

Starting in the 1970s, birth control became much more widely available in Mexico. Where once Mexicans had one of the world’s highest birthrates, that rate has dropped to a level almost on par with the United States. As a result, the cohort of young Mexicans who might want to head north for work has grown smaller.

Arizona and several other states argue that they need to be able to conduct their own crackdowns on illegal immigration because the feds under President Obama’s leadership have failed to do the job. Theirs is a states-rights argument. Obama administration lawyers will insist this is a usurpation of the federal responsibility to set immigration policy. They argue that targeted enforcement, not random stops of Latinos to ask for their identification papers, is the best approach to the challenge. (Say nothing of the truth which is…the Obama administration has done nothing that they alluded to in 2008.)

Either way this matter is argued, let’s just set the record straight. Arizona, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, California, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina have become victims because of the lack of the U.S. federal government slack, and “…the U.S. federal government is inactive with the failed Immigration policy…” as spoken in public by President Barack Obama.

It may be a states rights argument; however, what has the lack of due diligence performed by the Fed’s invariably cost the individual states albeit, in commerce, education demands, language demands, printing, voting as well as the refusal of the illegal aliens to get necessary documentation, and the always formidable special interest groups who act as though it is their right to make demands has been enormous.

There was little change in the basic demographics of those handed over to Mexican authorities from 2005 to 2010, except that a somewhat higher share now (14%) report they live with an unmarried partner, compared with past years. Also, in 2010, three-quarters (74%) said they do not speak English, but that proportion declined from 2005, when it was 93%

Therefore our question remains unanswered only in part however; this current study and reporting seems rather a political ploy by the Obama administration to make those numbers look as enticing as possible, yet there are reports out in the public that suggest that President Obama may have exploited some of his numbers. Like it or not, it certainly is not the first time Obama has lied to gain for himself and it certainly will not be the last.

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2 Responses to Comprehensive Immigration Reform…we think not!

  1. Patrick Gage says:

    There’s is no need for bills like the one in Arizona, and in fact, that bill is itself an abomination. Immigrants, illegals included, are a net plus to our domestic economy, and do not “steal” our jobs as some people seem to believe. If there is any comprehensive immigration reform, and I believe there should be, it must include amnesty and an easier path to residency/citizenship.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Dear Patrick Gage:

      Thank you very much for you impassioned comment; however, there are approximately untold scores of individuals living in America as well as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Indonesia that would certainly disagree with you. For example Germany’s head of state has stated that the mere thought of multiculturalism WILL NOT WORK on earth today. That observation was then immediately endorsed by the British who, in turn, has had a lot to do with the way our own national policy is being developed.

      No then to the article: I’m the first one to agree that there isn’t any shred of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” even mentioned — and that was done by design. Moreover, we feel that everyone in this country should be compelled to look up in a verifiable source exactly what “Immigration” and especially “Reform” mean. The only people who are trying to make reform are Americans, who by pressure from their constituents, want something done. Seriously is that too much to ask?

      Of course not insofar as immigration policy, maintenance, and protocol are allegedly handled by those individuals who are elected officials — who for well over forty year have allowed our department of Immigration and Naturalization Services to get completely fun into the ground because of votes, greed, and other matters that I will assure you are no good.

      Why should any individual who enters a nation (this includes its laws, people, living accommodations, health and welfare, and entitlements) deserve a path to citizenship? Not to be misunderstood, those individuals who have volunteered for National service do (I believe) have the right to consider citizenship or otherwise. They have EARNED IT. Furthermore, those individuals have asked for nothing yet are willing to die in gratitude. So I ask you this question: Just suppose every Russian illegal, Spanish illegal, Eastern European illegal, Mexican and Central American illegal, hell, let’s throw in the lot here, why have any immigration laws at all? The nation you once knew as the United States of America would be long gone and dare I say unrecognizable.

      Been over to your site and kudos! It is indeed informed and neat. You are from a generation of people that are unique to this culture. You’ve literally had every thing you’ve ever needed handed to you –seriously, what have you had to work for? Consider this please before writing this site back. You may want to email me insofar as we can say more and time as well as space isn’t a limit. Again, thank you!



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