It’s Salman Rushdi time at University of Texas

The cartoon depicts a mother reading to her child the following words: “And then the big bad ‘white’ man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent ‘colored’ boy.” The mother reads from a book entitled “Treyvon (sic) Martin and the case of yellow journalism.”

The cartoonist, Stephanie Eisner, also a columnist for The Daily Texan was terminated almost immediately. We’re asking the University’s editorial board why and for what reason.

What is going on with today’s university education? When I attended college – and make no mistake about this, I was referred to as the “nontraditional student” not to be confused with age or otherwise; however, I picked up the moniker because I went to college to learn in any way I could. Friends and fellow students asked me why I was so brave. Brave, what’s that about, I’d reply. Hey just because I ask some professor’s unorthodox questions or have the logic to push to the edge of the envelop, my reasoning was, hell, I was paying for it and I wanted my money’s worth.

Now having said all of that I feel the need to bring up Stephanie Eisner, a sophomore student and also a former cartoonist for the University of Texas’ student newspaper, The Daily Texan. I wonder how many readers actually saw the word former mentioned and what they are thinking. Suffice it to state that Ms. Eisner is not a victim along the lines of Salman Rushdi; however, for submitting a cartoon that was deemed not “politically correct enough” believe it or not she was fired, let go, given a pink slip.

Eisner said she created the work to criticize the media’s attempt to simplify and sensationalize news stories.

You see Stephanie Eisner did her job and submitted the cartoon to the editorial board for their perusal and so be it. The editorial board decided to run the political cartoon to a backlash of irate students calling for her head.

In a time when just about everyone in America has an opinion about the main-stream media, big newspapers, even those who read copy for a living, Ms. Eisner busted out of her confines and simply stated what was true, honest, and correct. Nope no sugar coating with this cartoon but quashing it and her is hurting university quality education.

Who out there reading would deny that on U.S. Government forms issued by the Office of Management and Budget does not ask what race, color, even the ethnicity a person subscribes too if not for the sake of the Census Bureau? Who will deny the latest rubbish of political correctness identifying people as “white Hispanic or black Hispanic male or female? And do I need to go forth on to “Yellow Journalism”? All of these are matters of historic fact and to deny them is unconscionably wrong. (Please see Pew Research Center here.)

Please ask yourselves – should Ms. Eisner be thrown under the bus for doing her job? It sure seems as though that she is, in fact, when she passed her work on to the editorial board her compliance to job description was completed. So why then does the editorial board lash out in a humiliating moment and fire her when indeed it was the negligence on part of the board to either rubber stamp her copy or run the risk of offending someone.

As for me attending university as an undergraduate meant taking risks and show one’s learning in creative writing classes, literature courses, history, writing, and the art of journalism. If one were to go through college and not push that proverbial envelop what then are they learning? Especially if one is using as in this case, very real issues why should these issues be espoused, even exploited?

There my friends, colleagues, fellow readers, and associates is the blatant and reckless disregard of the editorial board. They did not stop the cartoon from being published – so why are they letting go the very person who drew it?

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