Then let’s say Irish heritage!!

There’s a big controversy brewing in the Big Apple! Some Catholic groups are upset because the Empire State Building will turn green for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow but won’t be turned red to honor newly-minted Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The owners of the Empire State Building are not backing down from their policy, citing that they do not honor religious or political figures.

To further make their point, the owners, Malkin Holdings, issued this statement: “The Empire State Building lights annually in honor of the Irish and their contributions to New York City and for everyone who feels a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This is a regular annual ESB lighting.”

Fox News Reporter Laura Ingle noted that this is not the first time the Empire State Building has faced controversy over its lights. In 2009, the building was lit up in red and yellow in honor of the 60th anniversary of China’s Communist revolution. In 2010, the owners received criticism for not honoring the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birth.

The cardinal himself reacted to the controversy, saying “I certainly appreciate the very thoughtful initiative of Congressman Grimm. I’m worried about my head swelling, so I don’t need any more signs of recognition.”

Perhaps this one is just me…or indeed is there an inclination toward hypocrisy here? We are beginning to think that we should salute the Obama Administration for his overwhelming contributions of lying, being dishonest, and flatly not telling the truth to the American people about what his intended motives have been.

The hypocrisy that we refer to is in the Empire State Building citing that they do not honor religious or political figures. Is St. Patrick an aberration? No, he’s not. He is considered the patron saint of Ireland and plenty more.

Well in honor of the Irish who could have a problem with that? However adrift it is, espousing everything that has to do with St. Patrick and the parades, and green beer, and when pushed on the topic these owners cowardly go the politically correct way.

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