Moving Onward to New England and Massachusetts Bay

Just a reminder if you will – this series is very much about how and what America was like before the Founding Fathers and in some instances even their parents weren’t alive or in America. More importantly, these articles for some reason or another seem to inform the individual as to how, especially during the reign of the Stuarts, that witnessed a nearly death of a nation, England, as well as the influences on mainland Europe.

However the clear motivation around and in the articles is a rather uncommon notion that events began occurring in 15th century England that ostensibly reoccurring in the United States today. The contrast and comparison between King Charles’s England and the Obama administration are too closely related to be ignored.

Therefore, it is envisioned that by looking at what did, in fact, go wrong in England in the 1600s may be indeed the precursor of what potentially could become of America. We have tried to outline these readings in such a way so as to avoid “that particular part of history that people fight to get away from…” Sure the ways in which it was taught in my academic career are in a sense the same as yours; however, we have attempted to change the curriculum so as to make it far more relative to history of today – or at the very least to answer the question: “What was so bad in England and other parts of Europe that made tens of thousands, even millions of people flee the security of their homes and communities for an unfriendly and hostile new place to live?”

Of the first part an expanding and invasive government that does not recognize separation or a balance of powers marked clearly by Charles’s lack of Parliamentary procedures, as well as President Obama’s constant decision-making without involving Congress, through the use of Executive Orders and similarly, these times are penetrated by high amounts of immigration – in both cases illegal immigration that burdened the people who justifiably had a right to live in their respective regions.

In addition, unemployment had skyrocketed, the availability to hold on to land became increasing harder, and perhaps most importantly, resentment in political figures that were constantly making excuses about, “those who came before me or it’s the condition we inherited. This very “hands-off” attitude of the Obama administration has alienated and has served to have people run with astounding jokes about politicians and their inherent ways.

Significantly, the major similarities between these quasi-leaders and the societies where their influence was the highest, the recurring abnormalities have been identified and noted.

The apparent need for larger and intrusive government. It is however fascinating to note that rather than government growing to accommodate the needs of the people – oh contraire – English government grew to massive proportions for the need of unconditional wealth. Furthermore and very important is in the notion of politics, religion, and the resulting need for independent traditionalism. Furthermore and perhaps more importantly, religion specifically was at the crossroads of making major changes, certainly at the behest of the Obama administration.

The attitude that prevailed in the counties was due to previous yet constant blunders by the political leadership that existed in England as well as America.

Just as the new King declared that he was defending his rightful prerogatives against “parliamentary encroachment;” his approach and methods looked, at least to most people as radical innovations coupled with his efforts to increase “royal control” that served only to disrupt people’s customary patterns of life. We find the exact same is occurring within the Obama administration by his absurd and meaningless bypassing of the legislative branch of government – Congress.

British subjects with the exception of those who lived within the counties, or those who banded together and forged tightly held communities without government intervention still lived well all things considered, however, those who chose to live in the larger and more industrious urban centers began dying of the least of all diseases.

Predicated upon the continued interference in local affairs by overwhelming government– his attacks on “popular Protestantism” his disruption of the county communities, with continued assaults on the corporate boroughs – albeit several hundred people opted for a new life in a new land; however, as determined as Charles was with his innovation of English society, during the 1630s and onward literally thousands of people decided to leave the country.

This will end part four of Before the Founders…what was America like? From this point it is our intention to point out some both intriguing as well as devastating events that continued in New England.

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