Comparing the ideas and similitudes of 15th century England and the USA

As we’ve been preparing the information which is to be used in this microscopic look at those who came from England – the settlers, emigrants, vagabonds, indigent, and very little gentry – we wound up finding such a plethora of commonalities that existed in England and unfortunately worsened within a few short years.

Furthermore, the more we dug the more we were able to see the abhorrent similarities that existed in England during the 1600s and through the misappropriation of funds, with no doubt to increase the ruling government’s size that literally found that government existed like a weed-like vine penetrating every aspect of English society.

It did not take critical thinking anymore than critical analysis to see that this period was characterized by the overwhelming desire to perpetuate large sums of “much needed” funds; that, in turn could only lead to the exasperation of larger government. It is however fascinating to note that rather than government growing to accommodate the needs of the people – oh contraireEnglish government grew to massive proportions for the need of size and unconditional wealth.

Most governments throughout history grow as a means to accommodate the people either through entitlements or to benefit the nation overall. Not so in 1600s England; consequently, the government grew out of the need for greed. Earlier monarchs looked for at the very least lands to discover, missionary works to expand the existing population, and other forms of extravagance to capitalize the nation by way of acquiring for the King.

It was during this time in research that several anomalies began to appear when one examined 15th century England and the United States during the early 21st century. Both economies drastically began to dry up; high unemployment in the urban cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham, with people willing to do most anything to keep from starvation.

Military expeditions – no doubt – to conquer foreign lands and to increase the executers’ treasury and therefore the King’s wealth were thought a pure extravagance, insofar as the mustering of standing Armies with troop movement was costly and without capital gain; subsequently, England’s wealth as a nation was completely upside down.

Unfortunately for most British subjects with the exception of those who lived within the counties, or those who banded together and forged tightly held

"Ball players" painted by George Cat...

communities without government intervention still lived well all things considered, however, those who chose to live in the larger and more industrious urban centers began dying of the least of all diseases.

Notwithstanding any cliché of history, people for the sake of their religion, their livelihood, stomachs, and very lives began to carpe diem or seize the day and move on with the knowledge of friendly Native American people as well as those given to war for protecting their own lands and food. At any rate the conditions in England became so bad that life was vastly becoming unlivable.

Therefore, in summing up for this second part of the series let’s look at the similarities between 15th century England and 21st century America. Of the first part an expanding and invasive government that does not recognize separation or a balance of powers marked clearly by Charles’s lack of Parliamentary procedures, as well as President Obama’s constant decision-making without involving Congress; similarly, these times are penetrated by high amounts of immigration – in both cases illegal immigration that burdened the people who justifiably had a right to live in their respective regions.

In addition, unemployment had skyrocketed, the availability to hold on to land became increasing harder, and perhaps most importantly, resentment in political figures who were constantly making excuses about, “those who came before me, or it’s the condition we inherited.

Part three of this ongoing series will come at you soon; in it we will examine the hoards of people who risked life and limb and who made the journey over to the new world. Thank you!

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