Green Energy and Environmental Concerns – Are we putting the cart before the horse?

“We’ve got your six” is a statement that these days we hear so often, yet it is hard to find. Having its roots in Old Norse, Latin, and Greek, to include English, it appears that six runs very much a kin to sex therefore, every language seems to have a vested interest in the word.

Fighter pilots use the metaphor of sitting on the middle of a clock face to indicate the relative location of other aircraft. In other words, an enemy could be at 12 o’clock (straight ahead), at 3 o’clock (perpendicular to your path, on the right), at 9 o’clock (again perpendicular but on the left of you). So, your Six is what’s directly behind you, the most dangerous enemy location. Your backside, ass or arse. Cover your six means to protect yourself; especially a place of vulnerability.

A rather lofty opening that encompasses two matters we’d like to address. One is the fixation on the environment – or to be considered “Green” – at any rate those individuals who have good, bad, or indifferent degrees of consciousness about wetlands to various lizards, birds, frogs, and whatever. You know what we mean…extremists!

Of the second part we are now going to admit that the Republican Party has gone completely off the rails and have ostensibly lost their way. We are not sure if this is the most accurate metaphorical use of “lost their way” but for this writing, it serves to associate these candidates for the office of president in the forthcoming election are simply embarrassing themselves by acting like children.

Quite openly it has reached the level of absurdity. I for one am not a republican or democrat inasmuch as I’d rather not align myself with either of the two major political parties. Being independent allows for objectivity and keeping one from any political bias. 

Loyal to a fault, as well as conservative in my demeanor I am reasonably certain that I will never align myself with a political party because I just want who’s best for our country.

Having said that, I am wondering what Messrs. Romney and Gingrich are doing other than tearing each other to shreds and thereby the only winner as we see it here is – God forbid Barack Obama! So fella’s do us a solid by lying off of each other and get with the program – that is to defeat Obama!

Assisted by technological innovation and years of subsidies, the cost of wind and solar power has fallen sharply — so much so that the two industries say that they can sometimes deliver cleaner electricity at prices competitive with power made from fossil fuels. At the same time, wind and solar companies are telling Congress that they cannot be truly competitive and keep creating jobs without a few more years of government support.

Their efforts received a boost on Thursday from President Obama, who called for a package of tax credits for renewable power as part of a broader energy plan that he outlined while on a campaign swing through Nevada and Colorado.

But the lobbying by the wind and solar industries comes at a time when there is little enthusiasm for alternative-energy subsidies in Washington or the nation in general. And does anyone wonder why?

It is overwhelmingly obvious that the current President, Barack Obama, is seriously lacking in business what is referred to as the executive function.” According to Covey, Drucker, and Levine in business jargon the executive function is the capacity to plan, organize, and manage time and resources effectively. And we believe that Barack Obama will become that big “case study” that will become the neo-vogue research methodology offered in most of America’s top business schools, which show through illustration what NOT to do.

Every policy or mandate put forth by the Obama Administration regarding the environment has flopped; and that’s putting it mildly. This one person on a crusade to enact something, anything that will show change regardless of what it costs is pure insanity. As for the executive function…with Solydra was there adequate planning? Nope. How about organization, what? And the notion behind time management – let’s see within 38 days to less than one year they had to know about bankruptcy.

Finally, with a commander in chief as loony as Barack Obama, how could we be surprised at the same irresponsible acts going on within the Justice Department and ATF?

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