Obama circumventing Congress; “Backdoor Amnesty”

Today whilst reading an assortment of some terrible and some very good articles ranging everywhere from the state of our nation to certain areas of the Department of Homeland Security namely, this notion of “backdoor amnesty.”

The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday launched an initial review of deportation cases in a bid to fast-track serious offenders through the immigration courts while potentially letting illegal immigrants deemed less of a threat stay in the country.  (This is not the first time we’ve been told this!)

The announcement marked the latest phase of a program the department has steadily rolled out since the summer. While critics decry the change as tantamount to “backdoor amnesty,” the Obama administration says it’s trying to focus limited resources on “those who put public safety at risk.”

Would someone please wake-up this person who is dangerous, not only to those immediately around him, but also the United States as a whole.

Why does Barack Obama continue to use the things that can be changed and turn around and through executive orders, do things “his way” putting the nation at extreme risk? Whenever something on the magnitude of the unconstitutional dredging that those in the executive branch refer to as ‘fast tracking’ you know we are entering a unique culture of corruption.

Nothing ever worth doing is done quickly or “fast tracked” as it is referred to by the Washington elite. And focusing limited resources who put public safety at risk – goodness, who does this person think he is fooling – his Department of Justice (DOJ) is working overtime gaining convictions on trumped-up charges that are recanted during trials of U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Recanting or not, Attorney General Eric Holder, yes the same one who unequivocally denies anything whatsoever that concerns his gun-running operations such as Fast & Furious.

Therefore a person with some fortitude, moral fiber, and a brain should quite easily see that on the one end ol’ tax and spend Obama who has done nothing for three years except borrow about 1 trillion dollars from the U.S. taxpayers and whilst having a laugh when talking about his “shovel ready” programs weren’t as shovel ready as he’d thought, then he’s off seeing to it that half a billion dollars is wasted on what – green programs?

So what we openly have here is an attorney general who denies sending a weapon to Mexican cartel cadre while at the same time our so-called president keeps taking money that we don’t have and continues to spend it regardless of the investment.

Barack! Barack Obama, this nation was put together by those who had legitimate regard for the separation of powers, although you could never be one of those types of people, please understand that your executive orders are but mere paper – yes toilet paper.

Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) in July issued new guidelines for deportation cases allowing prosecutors to prioritize them on a case-by-case basis. Starting “immediately,” government attorneys will now review “all incoming cases” in the courts to determine who to deport and who potentially can slide, the department announced Thursday. The problem is so obvious – how long before the deported criminal alien is back?

“To address the challenge of an over-crowded immigration court system, and better utilize existing resources, there is an ongoing administration-wide effort to focus immigration enforcement resources on those convicted of crimes, recent border crossers, and egregious immigration law violators,” ICE spokeswoman Barbara Gonzalez said in a statement.

The administration is launching several test programs and reviews. Aside from reviewing incoming cases, officials in Denver and Baltimore will review “all cases pending” in those immigration courts. Both test runs will last until Jan. 13, after which the department will launch another review.

Why not try and rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic while you’re at it? Seriously how much work will get done during the busiest holiday season of the year?

The change-up has drawn criticism from illegal immigration foes, which worry that the administration is effectively circumventing Congress to enact sweeping changes, like those contained in the DREAM Act.

That portion concerning the DREAM Act provisions as well as much more will be continued tomorrow.

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