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One of our favorite authors who produced several New York Times best-selling books not too long ago, one is particular that we all enjoyed – as well as the majority of Americans* — was titled The Way Things Ought to be. Of course we are talking about Rush Limbaugh, the internationally syndicated talk show host, and we could go on about his titles from the Republican Party, or his awards from the National Press Club, and so many others; however, in doing so we would not want to embarrass Mr. Limbaugh, furthermore this writing is not about Rush Limbaugh just some simple little antidotes we’ve heard from time-to-time and the impact the his first book, The Way Things Ought to be have had on us since its publication in 1992.

Several things caught my attention with this book. First, believe it or not was the amount of copies printed at its first run. As any person in publishing or printing knows the average print-run of any book is normally around 5,000 copies. It is really rather unbelievable that when every bookstore, coffee-nook, or independent book shop has a copy of a book that you’re looking for, or was there went you went in to browse. One could easily think: “Whoever Publisher’s” must have run about a million copies of this book! Or and far more the case is that Walden Books and all the other bookstores actually purchase perhaps 5 copies and disburse them wherever.

Remember that the average first print-run of most books is five thousand. When The Way Things Ought to be was first announced, its first-run at printing was two and a half million (2,500,000)! And as we know those copies hardly hit the shelves before being sold therefore who knows the second print-run number? I don’t; but this much I do know – that if a person writes something that is really, truly good then the market demands loftier printing of the book.

Imagine how things were when he decided to write a sequel…sort of and entitled, See, I Told you so! Well with all due-respect to our readers we kind of have that experience, albeit not nearly to Rush’s benchmark; however, we do write and publish a lot of issues on this website that are similar; yet again not on any number of author’s such as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Garry Wills, or one of my leisure fave’s, Richard Russo.

Having stated that we’d would love to openly discuss our feelings about what the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Tony Perez of the Justice Department (DOJ) are trying to accomplish when they openly go in front of the microphones at who knows who’s press conference and begins with the “bashing, bigoted, prejudicial, and discriminatory” Americans and just how much harm is being done to the Muslim world, with special emphasis on Muslim’s who live in America.

One issue we’d bring to the debating lectern is simply: “You’ve been had!” It doesn’t appear as a mystery to us what both special interest groups the Committee on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the National Council of La Raza (La Raza) are clearly doing and with good success leading those folks around.

Just to put it as plain as possible, kind of like when an infant graduates to spoon-feeding: When matters such as the “Muslim Middle School Teacher” (see four articles down) are remotely allowed to alter what our Founders framed within the 1st Amendment in the Establishment Clause, moreover, reward them with money, damages, fees, and so on is being prejudicial to every American.

When someone from a different culture comes to America it doesn’t mean that there is any expectation that all of “their ways” are to be openly welcomed with warm fuzzies. Just because their religion, or spiritual belief system requires them to pray six times per day doesn’t mean that every business owner, school teacher, or whatever should change their schedule to accommodate Muslim beliefs.

Sure if one can make it possible for an employee to leave their work six times a day to pray the better. However, when the Justice Department gets in the way of normal human events they cause extraordinary issues, referred to as “Precedents” in a Court of law, what you are doing is changing the way America is and has been for over 234 years.

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