Don’t do what California’s done to the DREAM Act

And now a word for you brought from California about various “lures” being signed into law that should by all conditions inspire more illegal immigrants to flow indiscriminately into the State. Having ‘done my time’ in California and I mean the thick of it, one is really at odds as to whether it is the leadership of the State or the people within the State that allow such unruly laws to be broken.

As an example of what the (staunch liberal) government is doing there manifests itself in the DREAM Act where the governor signed into law the new DREAM Act will be just one more lure of illegal immigrants, not just from foreign nations but from states where the pressure on illegal’s is increasing; notwithstanding, by all accounts most of the several states — save a few are getting onboard now and seeing the financial costs of taking care of someone invitation or not.

And secondly this portion of new California law we hope stays in California: The Governor signed a new law that forbids local communities from seizing the cars of unlicensed drivers caught at checkpoints, so there are now two new lures for illegal’s to come to California. An interjection please; if one has caught an individual at a alcohol checkpoint, who does not own the car, that person is criminally negligent for driving without a license, proof of insurance, or any proof that they own the vehicle. As for us it just is not good common logic to allow this kind of abuse involving an unlicensed driver.

Now for the real changes; The DREAM Act will generate a Referendum almost immediately. A source tells us that they heard the head of the Howard Jarvis Tax Committee propose a compromise on KFI radio yesterday, but I doubt it will fly — he proposed that ONLY those illegal students enrolled in colleges and university programs that the nation needs — engineering, math and science — be given grants of public money.

He noted that there are many degree programs that are not beneficial to the nation and in some cases not even financially beneficial to the students themselves.

All things being equal this by far makes the most sense to us! Our government makes appropriations for visa lotteries, HB-1 visas which allow for the recruitment and almost instant citizenship for those foreigner’s who come to this country in most professional fields.

One thing is for certain, one will not have to deal with racial profiling anymore. But not to worry – as sick and shameless as it sounds – there will always be any number of discriminatory issues that will be found and used against the very people allowing this rubbish to continue.

We say Down with the DREAM Act and any other entitlements given to illegal     alien’s in this nation.

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