Fountain Sundae and the Justice Department

Just an idea – the first ideological principle behind the infamous expression, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” from the Declaration of Independence specifically meant the “pursuit of creativity.” Creativity during the early 18th century was art, writing, reading, theorizing, and philosophy which naturally brought people happiness at being creative.

Another issue that is creative to the point of the obscene is the agency flowcharts within the government, most notably the Department of Justice (Justice). It has become overwhelmingly obvious that if one wants trouble – in any sort or kind – then they should rest assured that Justice has it in some way, shape, form, or whatever within their purview – especially within their Civil Rights Division – to make (a crime) or if one believes they’ve been harmed or injured (victim) then be assured that Justice is on it.

There was a time in our history that the U.S. Constitution was affectionately known as “the law of the land.” However, with the on-goings of Justice as well as Congress, now we find ourselves in a position where Justice not only names an alleged crime, but adds a new division normally within the Civil Rights Division in ways in which to deal with crimes of unknown etiology; moreover, to bring to awareness their longstanding discriminatory practices especially using words yet to be defined.

In fact, I without hesitation believe that with the utmost of creativity this is precisely where the victims of ‘political correctness’ find their support.

Okay so let’s work together on this for a moment. Our instructions are to build an ice crème sundae, fully loaded and sparing nothing. Sound like fun? Caution – it is not advised to write this type of article – when hungry. Let’s begin.

Because we are so tired of the delicate balance of flavors normally having been added improperly or if the ice crème is at a warmer temperature than say that of chocolate syrup or hot chocolate fudge we’ve decided at a minimum to start the sundae with ice cold nitro-frozen vanilla ice crème.

So immediately Chocolate Fudge screams, “Hey what’s up with Vanilla?” Strawberry and all 39 Flavors stand up in unisons’ to join in with Mr. Fudge. Why it is that vanilla is placed in the Fountain glass first? Someone says rather loudly, “Because that’s what the customer ordered.” (Not even aware that other flavors soften earlier.)

Now then, arising out of turn the Hawaiian Macadamia nuts are uneasy and start unrest in the nut department that also features almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, and the always exotic chestnuts. Then again with the size and intimidation factor of coconuts rolling on the counter stopping only at the piety of Hazelnuts, we’re looking at a situation where no nutz are going anywhere because there are literally legions of peanuts bringing up the entire Western front of walnuts.

So now the real whipped cream is getting sad because his moment to reveal and shine in all his naked regalia is either lost or spoiled while at the same time the flavors division consisting of composts of apple, citrus fruits, sensual fruits, pineapple chunks freshly shaved off from the whole fruit, are a bit annoyed insofar as the fruit composts they can see the end of their Friday Night Fountain Glass intermingling coming to a rather swift end. Somebody turn off the hot tub.

Up until now all we have accomplished is…what? Nothing insofar as vanilla ice crème is still on hold because of the massive amounts of discrimination charges that include racial discrimination waged by the ice crème department as well as the toppings department; and wouldn’t you know it…the nut department is livid about the ethnic situation saying, “All we wanted was the American Way.”

Now real whipped cream is sobbing because he/she is unable to reveal itself to whoever will have a look, whilst the fruit department is just pissed off insofar as it doesn’t appear there is going to be any new StrawFudge-and-Pineapple liaisons going on tonight.

“Oh man…America used to be so fun in the old days before all of these rules…” “…I agree says Mr. Chocolate Fudge, the problem is that we all want something to benefit us…rather than to look at the sundae.”

It’s an ugly situation when one finds that the pure joy of constructing an old fashioned Fountain Sundae literally can identify such notions as discrimination on Nutz, Fruitz, Race, Ethnics, Sexual Orientation, even Gender and Religion rights.

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