Adding 5.6 percent tax on those who make $1 Million

When it comes to news of this sort we believe it needs to be shared with as many people as possible. The outer scale or outline from this writing comes via the Associated Press.

As a sidebar before we really get into this we need to make mention of how President Obama’s culture – as president and as a normal human being – would have the unmitigated gall to have Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Harry Reid (D-NV) as lapdogs bring to the Senate floor this addition to the “jobs bill.”

Struggling to deliver the big jobs package proposed by President Barack Obama, Senate Democrats are using the issue to force Republican senators to vote on tax increases for millionaires, picking up on a White House theme that the nation’s wealthiest Americans aren’t paying their fair share. Or in other more widely spoken terms class warfare. Ahem…who is he to make that kind of judgment?

Senate Democrats said Wednesday they were changing Obama’s jobs package to add a 5.6 percent tax on income above $1 million, a proposal that is sure to be blocked by Republicans. We have an inherent problem with this confusing way of getting to the jobs bill.

Whilst the House and Senate and most politically oriented people in the nation are trying to figure out is two-fold: One, how is taxing incomes over $1 million going to produce more jobs; and two, we submit to you that the top 85% or more of wage earners in this country (including millionaires) are already paying approximately 83 percent of taxes now?

The $447 billion package still includes Obama’s proposals to cut payroll taxes and provide money for teachers, firefighters, the unemployed and infrastructure. The tax on millionaires is expected to pay for the package, so it wouldn’t add to the budget deficit.

So as for checks and balances in essence Obama and the Democrats want to levy a 5.6 percent tax against people who make over $1 million per year whilst at the same time produce enough money to get teachers somewhere near an acceptable wage?

And now they’ve added firefighters, the unemployed, and for infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, roads, buildings, and of course caballing to nowhere so everyone can have the Internet. We present to you a person who does not have a business brain and someone who needs some prerequisite or remedial course work.

Democrats are banking on Republicans to oppose both the higher taxes on million-dollar earners and the president’s call for new spending aimed at reducing joblessness, leaving them open to a charge of protecting the wealthy at the expense of the unemployed.

Why do these Democrats – in their thinking and politics – seem to want to make a game out of a nation andin doing that, at the expense of the people?

“I understand our Democrat friends want to jettison entire parts of the bill altogether – not to make it more effective at growing jobs, not to grow bipartisan support,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. “No, they want to overhaul the bill to sharpen its political edge.”

“Some of my Democrat colleagues were right to reject a similar proposal when they controlled both chambers of Congress,” Hatch said. “Given the weak state of our economy, they’d be wise to reject it again.”

(Much more on Gibson is coming…)

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