Have you NO SHAME?

We believe that a bit more needs addressing, as well as displayed, so that you can see how petty and ridiculous this shameful action brought on by Eric Holder’s Justice Department and Obama’s administration. One would think that having a record slashing inability to create work (9.1+ unemployment rate for 3 plus years); moreover, scheduling a speech on “job creation” is a lame attempt at public opinion and talk, talk, and talk the American people want results not a blow-hard junior-senator trying to con them.

Making matters only worse is Obama’s cronies in Attorney General Eric Holder and his deputy assistant Tom Perez. We have written about how the current administration has filed more lawsuits concerning civil rights violations in one year than the sum total of all such lawsuits since 1959. Please understand that these lawsuits are pure fodder; going after entire school districts (Philadelphia,), for Asian-American concerns; entire states such as Arizona and Alabama for illegal immigrant and immigration concerns.

Therefore we ask you, our readers and supporters, does America as a whole need these petty little lawsuits such as The United States of America v. Gibson Guitars? And if I may, consider what is at the core reason and the implications that this lawsuit does: It is directly pitting music and the arts up against the big central government. And for what; moreover, what cost? Wood chips.

Gibson Guitars is being sued for using a particular type of wood; not on the entire guitar mind you, yet only on the fingerboard of certain models. A short history of deep tonal woods: Rosewood; in our combined recollection it was during the last “eco-green-environmental” issues period the 1970s when studies were done at cost per acre and value received on one Brazilian acre of rainforest.

This is a shortened version and you’ll get the drift. Question posed to University research department and special interest groups: “How much is one acre of land in the Brazilian rainforest worth? All the fodder gone and the answer(s) were as follows: One acre of land for commodities (cattle, pigs, wood, shelter) $1.00 in theoretical money. One acre of land sold for agriculture and human development $2.00 in theoretical dollars. One acre of land left alone without human or animal desecration netted the highest amount of theoretical funds at almost triple the other two at $5.50 per acre.

How can this be? How doing nothing be of more value than resorts, condos, tours, deluxe with the multitude of rare birds and animals? The answer was as easy then as it is now — what part of the American economy hasn’t been hit nearly as badly as others? Precisely! The pharmaceutical sector as well as the health care industry.

Unbeknownst to most people is the notion that there exist over 750,000 different species of plant life alone. What new and improved medications could the U.S. develop and make a profit?

So the very small family owned businesses who used literally scrap wood when constructing their guitars couldn’t compete so off they went to Eastern India. Same smell different do-do and they went to Madagascar. At no time has any musical instrument making company gone and illegally raided another’s wood cutting outfit; certainly not as easy as it is to cross our borders.

For the size of the wood that we are addressing Rosewood is being used only for fretboards on Gibson made electric guitars. The area marked on the red Gibson Les Paul (above) is 24 3/4 inches; however the thickness of the wood is only 4/64s of an inch or .0469 of one inch or 1.19 of one milimeter. Suffice it to say about a No.2 pencil sliced directly in half — or very, very thin. The one-piece, 24 3/4″ scale length, mahogany neck features a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearloid trapezoid fingerboard inlays.

Is it just unintentional happenstance that Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has been a donator to Republican candidates and not to Barack Obama’s election or now for his reelection. Mr. Juszkiewicz was informed by the government that they would drop all the charges against his company and return the property that was seized if he moved his production plants to Madagascar. That means 500 American jobs destroyed and lost to an overseas company. Thus we witness Obama’s jobs program in true action. Creation of jobs not here at home, but abroad. Just don’t take my word for it, but listen to Henry Juszkiewicz himself.

And finally on this Labor Day is the day we traditionally celebrate the American worker, as well as the close of summer. On this Labor Day evening, like this post to send good will to all Americans working hard, those still looking for jobs, and those traveling home from the holiday weekend.




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