Mis Amigos Hispanos y Latinos, time to face the Truth

“We have tried everything else,” University of Texas at San Antonio student, Lucy Martinez, told the San Antonio Express News. “We have done lobbying, legislative visits, marches, sit-ins. We are tired of it. [The hunger strike] is similar to what we go through in our everyday lives — starving without a future.”

This kind of attitude as indicated above is what it feels like when someone, a significant other, cheats on you. It is exactly like infidelity. A friend of mine once stated to me that, “It could take a lifetime to build and earn another’s trust; yet, it can take mere seconds to lose it.”

One of the biggest issues that President Obama continues to ignore is the will of the American people. It has long been a sporting expression that, “Mexicans have the biggest hearts in sports; you can’t knock em’ out; it is because they are so proud…”

If that were openly the case, then why does just about the entire Hispanic and Latino culture worship the ground Obama walks on. President Obama has but one reason to endure Hispanics as he does: It is for the votes!

I mean with everything that I am, I’d just as soon say, “Hey take your amnesty and put it where the sun don’t shine…” My family, friends, fellow students, all of us are being (lied too) courted with money, entitlements, educational benefits, yet at whose expense? President Obama has and will continue to lie to us. For all of his previous campaign and for just about three years of his presidency.

In fact the only good things we’ve been hearing started when he chose to campaign for reelection! So do we have a chance at getting what he promises us?

That friends, y mis amigos hispanos y latinos, is the real question you need to be asking yourselves. Am I ever going to be a U.S. citizen? Even with a Green card there is so much that I will not qualify for – and the same for permanent residency.

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