Where is the Separation of Powers?

According to a San Antonio radio station, House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith made clear what he thinks of the Obama Administration’s new policy to prioritize deportation cases, allowing non-criminal illegal aliens to stay in the country and apply for work permits. Rep. Smith called the policy an “amnesty” and said the new actions will supercede court orders.

“This is clearly amnesty,” Rep. Smith said on WOAI News Radio. “It is clearly circumventing the right of Congress to try to implement policy.” Rep. Smith said that President Obama is trying to make up for not trying to move an amnesty bill through Congress when Democrats controls both chambers of Congress.

“President Obama believes in a super-powerful, centralized federal government and that is what he wants whether or not Congress goes along and whether or not the American people go along. … That’s fine if you don’t live in a democracy. It’s not fine in the United States of America where he has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law and not just to pick and choose which laws to enforce.

He needs, as president of the United States, to make sure all laws are faithfully executed and that is really troublesome.”

Rep. Smith said Congress has two options to stop the new policy. It can hold oversight hearings or defund the agencies, but he said the best solution is to elect a president that won’t provide amnesty through executive actions; then again the House could impeach the President…

We believe that we may be a little more agitated perhaps than Representative Smith; or he has a much broader sense of how Washington works than we do.

It is very, very important to note that this very issue – abuse of power – is precisely what brought the colonists to Revolution! And after a long, very uncomfortable war, the Founders had constant issues with the notion of a huge federal government and it was for that very reason that much of the time setting up a Constitutional form of governance was implementing the notion of Separation of Powers that supposedly had its own means of monitoring the Balances of Power so as to ensure that not one particular branch of government was completely trouncing another.

This entire notion of the Executive branch of government with a powerful federal government is precisely what took the coveted U.S. Constitution so long to get ratified (see article just below). And that, being the colonist’s fear of a runaway Executive who exploited his power collectively with such a huge central government which is directly under his purview.

The Founders saw it and lived with it to a point; however, the King of England during that time started concocting his own Acts, his own Laws, disregarding the advices of Parliament. They knew tyranny; better still they over-threw the reckless and negligent behavior of the King.

One last reminder; please rush over to Michelle Malkin’s site and get up-dated; she’s been covering illegal immigration for years! (Thank you!)

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