You be the Judge: Thylane Rose Blondeau

Firing straight from the hip we happen to agree with Ms. Sarah McKenney’s notion that there is no shortage of sexualized images of girls in American culture. However from the promotional photo used for Toddlers and Tiaras we are at a disadvantage of seeing this image and referring to it as undeniably sexualized. In other words we simply believe Ms. McKenney is pushing the envelope when she asserts that an image of three girls with hair done wearing church clothes would hardly qualify someone as being sexualized.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Sarah McKenney is writing a position piece as a guest writer for another blog. There can no doubt that somehow – either through some personal baggage or personal concerns that Ms. McKenney has some sort of vested interest in the matter. Therefore I did some back tracking data collection.

I need to completely disagree with Sarah McKenney who wrote the blog at The Society Pages in particular where the she espouses the notion: “There is an interesting class effect here; unlike the hypersexualized girls on shows like” Toddlers and Tiaras,” the photos of Blondeau are high fashion, therefore high class, and therefore acceptable.”

How one would ever arrive at that nonsensical notion of high fashion somehow equals social acceptability is simply beyond us. We believe McKenney in this piece definitely has a bias and unfortunately could not separate the bias from reality.

We do believe that the “art” from the likes of Ellen von Unwerth is not art at all; yet rather an exploitation of younger ladies and female children. And yes we do have a problem with this inasmuch as the next sexual predator or pedophile may be next door and in allowing your child to be exploited under the guise of “art” should be construed as child abuse itself.

We believe that for the most part people become aware of their own situations that is, culture, relational activity, and sociological factors – prior to making these long exertions about others. In other words, what may be very acceptable in France, yet not in America we do not believe that it gives one anymore right to say who is wrong and who is right. We are more of the posture that sex is not really a matter here as much as the guise of art.

Most of us are very much aware of “Fashion Week” being held in every significantly large city that will draw attention to designers and the fashion industry. Every designer who is showing their latest designs from Monique Lhuillier to Armani to Ralph Lauren has their stomach in knots wondering how the public will react to their latest efforts.

And in case you’re either not into fashion hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars are at stake. It is interesting to note however that both innocents such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren both again have their “Kids” collections.

Our position on this venture we adapted from Dr. Emma Gray: “a child being exposed to a world she is not yet equipped to deal with, solely to serve the needs of the adults around her is unhealthy.” We do not see anything in these photographs that remotely remind us of art, fashion, or sex.

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  1. Yuck! I’m currently writing about a similar topic on my blog…..this makes me sad.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Thank you so very much for your recent comment on my story and coverage of Thylane Rose Blondeau. I totally agree that the world uses inappropriate images to sell whatever its wares. However, being in the fashion business in the United States a completely different set of ‘rules’ exist. I would love to read what you’ve written but as I popped on by site it was so huge!! Tonight I’m dedicated to finding your writting. Cheers!


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