Don’t Commit Your Last Murder in Texas!

President Barack Obama has done more things in his attempts to destroy America than certainly anything he has done to make America a better place to live. The guy has us wondering if he is going to do anything to advance the causes, moral values, customs, and beliefs of the American people and no doubt we know he is trying to ruin the old beloved concept of the “American Way.”

If anyone has been paying attention to the statistics vis-a-vie TARP, the bailout, and just how many jobs were created or saved predicated upon his reckless disregard for the citizenry of this nation. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is what the legislation, executive order, or the name of over 1.73 trillion dollars that was spent on his second or third projects after his election.

But hasn’t anyone ever told him, or a capital murderer to never, ever commit your last murder in the Great State of Texas? There aren’t any soft shoe antics going on in Texas. If you are convicted of murder in Texas you are going to die. Take your sorry shee-it and give it to someone who cares, of which we hasten to add there is no shortage of advocacy groups in this country.

Of course we are talking about a Mexican national who was executed Thursday for the rape-slaying of a teenager after the U.S. Supreme Court turned down a White House-supported appeal to spare him in a death penalty case where Texas justice triumphed over international treaty concerns.

Someone has forgotten to inform Barack Obama that regardless of executive order or an Attorney General that would lick his shoes spotless, that he just can’t do whatever the pluck he wants to do. Interestingly, it is our own president who seems by demonstration to do whatever he feels is in his best interests.

In his last minutes, Humberto Leal repeatedly said he was sorry and accepted responsibility. “I have hurt a lot of people. … I take full blame for everything. I am sorry for what I did,” he said in the death chamber.

He was sentenced to death for the 1994 murder of 16-year-old Adria Sauceda, whose brutalized nude body was found hours after he left a San Antonio street party with her. She was bludgeoned with a chunk of asphalt. So there you go – a person murders another under aged lady and what does the president do? He starts slipping notes to his lawyer colleague friends; Obama believes he transcends the law.

Leal was just a toddler when he and his family moved to the U.S. from Monterrey, Mexico, but his citizenship became a key element of his attorneys’ efforts to win a stay. They said police never told him following his arrest that he could seek legal assistance from the Mexican government under an international treaty. What already!

Sure we know of Leal’s many several attempts at procuring a stay of execution under some civility law that exists in the international courts. We literally wrote about them two years ago, the last time his legal team went to work at saving his hind side; however at the expense of taxpaying Americans.

Mexico, the Obama administration, and others had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to delay Leal’s execution so Congress could consider a law that would require court reviews in cases where condemned foreign nationals did not receive help from their consulates. They said the case could affect not only foreigners in the U.S. but Americans detained in other countries. They will stoop to everything and stop at nothing!

The court rejected the request 5-4. Its five more conservative justices doubted that executing Leal would cause grave international consequences, and doubted “that it is ever appropriate to stay a lower court judgment in light of unenacted legislation.” “Our task is to rule on what the law is, not what it might eventually be,” the majority said. And of course the liberal leaning justices said they would have granted the stay.

Leal’s attorney said that with consular help her client could have shown that he was not guilty. But she added, “This case was not just about one Mexican national on death row in Texas. The execution of Mr. Leal violates the United States’ treaty commitments, threatens the nation’s foreign policy interests, and undermines the safety of all Americans abroad.” Whew! Spoken like a tried and true liberal! I guess she forgot what Leal said as the death cocktail began to course in his veins – he admitted to the entire travesty!

And for all of us here, we believe that Obama has already ruined America’s foreign policy interests with other countries; but we find it unconscionable that there are untold hundreds of American’s who haven’t received the decency of other nations’ failures to notify the State Department. Not to mention our two great Americans who went travelling and are still being held by Iran for inadvertently crossing from Iraq to Iran – yet somehow we believe there wasn’t a sign exclaiming “You are entering Iran.”

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