29 Dead, 700 Flee As Gang Battles Hit West Mexico

A gun-battle between rival drug gangs in western Mexico left 29 bullet-ridden bodies in fake military uniforms heaped across a roadway and inside bullet-riddled vehicles in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit, the army said Thursday.

Television images of the scene near the town of Ruiz showed what appeared to have been a convoy of cartel vehicles that had been ambushed or engaged by another column of gunmen on a stretch of rural highway. Military-style boots, bulletproof vests, hand grenades and thousands of rounds of ammunition were also found at the scene.

It has been a matter of time. With the help and assistant that the cartels have been receiving from other nations – it was only a matter of time before these cartels met head-on.

The army said in a statement that around the same time Wednesday, soldiers engaged in a shootout with armed suspects in a town about 35 miles (60 kilometers) north of Ruiz. Two suspects — a man and a woman — were killed in that confrontation. It was unclear whether the two shootouts were related. 

Through our associates and contacts, as well as sources, we’ve been able to gather the following information from some “boots on the ground” actually in Mexico.

“Obviously much of Mexico is perfectly fine – low crime rates – nice quality life – and people are staying in those places so there isn’t any pending collapse.

Juarez however – and the other border cities and region do seem in danger of collapse. People are packing up right and left and moving to El Paso. They’re closing stores and shops in Juarez and simply reopening them on the US side and life is great for them – but what of all their former employees?

And it’s not a few – it’s tens of thousands, most of those with money, the ability to keep things going who are the first to run. They only think they’ll be safe on the USA side because they simply don’t believe their enemies can figure out where they’ve gone. I think we all can predict that much of the violence will simply follow them to the US side.

That’s why I don’t see running as the only solution. Obviously for an individual, you can see why it looks like the best and only option but the whole city can’t move over, the ones left behind become more desperate, and since the border is so open, anyone at all can come over, including the very same people the others are running from.” Please double-click on maps to view then in regular size.

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