Still Disturbed by Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It is getting ostensibly more and more apparent that most illegal’s who are living, working, and collecting “their entitlements” seem to think that PUFF! Something magical or even mystifying has happened and their wait of six (6) years while attending school, or two (2) years of military service somehow is the final decision on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Maybe we are just a bit old school for that while we wonder how on earth the DREAM Act’s earlier provisions somehow seem to be acceptable as immigration reform. This is of course news to us; moreover, simply not true. 

As we have espoused for over and over again in articles about “reform” is a system of give and take. Up to today I remain at a loss for the take part. You see by give and take we mean that as far as “reform” goes then both parties willfully give up something whilst taking something that will benefit both parties.

Therefore, we met and decided to look at the definition of “reform;” 1- Reform is improving something by removing faults; moreover, to reform is to improve something by correcting faults, removing inconsistencies and abuses and imposing modern methods and values. Furthermore, and 2- To reform is to get rid of unacceptable habits, and to adopt a more acceptable way of life and mode of behavior. Number 3- is something we all need to look at: reform is the reorganization and improvement of something such as a political institution or one that is considered faulty, ineffective, or unjust; and number 4- is character improvement– meaning that the adoption by somebody of a more acceptable way of life and mode of behavior. The most consistent theme is the notion of improving one’s self. 

Now is the acceptable time to look at the give and take and who is responsible for this unorthodox mess people call immigration reform. It is very easy to see that the old INS was an agency that that had more faults than otherwise. Perhaps this is the reason why it failed; but there are mitigating circumstances as to why that old antiquated system was in the heap; we believe that the US government was in large part one of the culprits – simply for not correcting faults, or removing the inconsistencies that shrouded the agency, its officers and agents. In addition although the management that was incumbent may have tried to modernize the wounds that bled profusely, the blood was exiting or entering at a rate that threw the entire organization into shock. Now, what have you or your government done?

It is extremely important to note that at that time in history – with a struggling Immigration and Naturalization Service, who we’re sure was trying to correct its inefficient ways absolutely found no resolve in the fact that although granted one amnesty in 1985, only served notice to the hordes of millions more illegal aliens to come to America. We are positive that in every mind people thought “…let’s go help me’ out…” right. However, with intent to make a better living for yourselves and your families or simply to escape an oppressive regime you decided to come to America regardless of ramification or any punishment whatsoever. In doing this action you put more demand on a system that was ill-equipped to handle the tremendous volume of more and more undocumented immigrants assailing on or invading our country. (The alien stream at night) 

Therefore, we ask did anyone change unacceptable habits or modes of behavior. Nay, we would argue the opposite. Rather than seek out the appropriate agents or institutions to try and rectify the problem, it only got worse by your lack of due-diligence in trying to right a wrong you committed. But realistically who is going to seek out the help they need when the government does not appear to have ANY of its stuff together? Hence, the birth and reality of “the shadows.” Rather than becoming part of a solution, you through your advocacy and special interest groups became part of the pollution. We believe we know who we are referring to with this example. . And that is for later…oh yes…multiple parts are coming!



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