OBAMA, this is NOT part of your job!

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey will start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for low-level crimes from jail even if federal officials notified through a controversial fingerprint identification program request that they be held for a deportation hearing (now what’s all this rubbish about cooperation?).

The new policy, set to begin June 1, means illegal immigrants arrested for petty crimes such as disorderly conduct, drunk in public or shoplifting will not be held in jail until U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials come to collect them.

Local jails are not required to hold inmates if ICE has identified them as illegal immigrants, and sheriff’s deputies would not be violating any law, Hennessey said.

Although we have a completely different set of thoughts; if one were to use critical thinking regarding this matter we believe that that individual would realize that there is so much more at stake here than petty crimes committed by illegal aliens. What Sheriff Hennessey should be thinking is the long term ramifications predicated upon what has already happened in the past.

Dear Sheriff Hennessey: Sir, are you aware that these individuals have already broken our manner of law by being here? Therefore, we would challenge you to explain to us – regardless of the crime committed – why these individuals who are illegally in our country are not looked upon as repeat offenders?

In fact all of you people who recklessly disregard the laws of our nation should be terminated immediately. We have millions of gang members in this country illegally; same with serial sexual abuse offenders, gunrunners, drug runners, and human cargo traffickers’ that should ignite any and everyone who abhors the institution of slavery.

Please take a minute and read oh…just the first two pages of my blog. We have done the research. How could the amount of illegal aliens in this country be increasing year after year after year, yet no one person in law enforcement – or our beloved Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, does nothing but allow more to come in.

Whilst he gets ready to use his Executive Orders for discretionary actions whereby allowing groups and hordes of people be granted amnesty or asylum, there is only one word that has remained from the colonial era to present time and it’s Tyranny.

And now a word from a truly respected individual: “It’s an astonishing abuse of his office,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based legal advocacy group that is currently suing The City over a similar immigration issue. “I guarantee you that someone who is released by him as a result of his lawlessness will go on to commit a more serious crime,” Fitton said.

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