Team USA..You did us proud!

We are not altogether certain if there has ever been a sporting event, yacht club racing, or even the Olympic Games that captivated the minds and hearts of those from who they represented and beyond.

We care about those men who through soccer/ football displayed the very moxie, the mettle that our nation is built on. We will not speak for anyone but ourselves, but just preparing for the Round of 16 game versus Ghana, we were absolutely spent and unequivocally exhausted! Oh preparing for the game meant making sure the flat screen was properly placed in front of us, and making sure our inventory of chips, sandwiches, beverages, and sweets were ready.

If one could be that spent from simply moving – just think of our Team USA – who by all accounts is the mojo for every team still involved with the World Cup 2010. This team was tireless, savvy; never say die, and always finding different combination to get that ball somehow into the back of the net.

Maybe – just maybe these members of Team USA will inspire everyone in our nation – to live and openly giving everything they are in order that the USA will again rise to the top in every aspect – environmentally, geo-politically, and the leader of the free world.



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