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5 Guy Tendencies You’re Just Gonna Have To Deal With

The Thinker’s Unofficial Oversight Committee thought that we should have a look at this article for the “Big 3”; reliability, credibility, and validity. Well, before we cast any kind of conclusion, let’s look at some of the criteria used by this woman or women, and give a bit of analysis on those…ready?

Then on we go…Source: CollegeCandy (It’s a must read gang…actually quite good!)


“I don’t know the science of how our brains are wired, but I do know that men don’t give a sh*t about 80% of what we give a sh*t about…”

In every relationship I know of, men do care about what women give a sh*t about. They may not talk about it constantly, but nonetheless every anniversary, birthday, relational first’s, favorite colors, and a lot more than most women will ever give men credit for is definitely there; advice: Ask to check his Blackberry, wallet, for a little card he carries with him as a reminder.

“Flakiness:” Here’s our esteemed writer:

“Since a lot of guys can’t remember things, (see above), a lot of them are also liable to flake out on you. Men will, more so than women in my opinion, flake out of dates/arrangements with you and you’ll be expected to understand.”

No data to support this claim whatsoever. Maybe the writer ought to be asking herself “why” she perceives this flakiness. Could it be that maybe he doesn’t want to go with her? Empirical data supports that men are up for just about anything, and at anytime. However, one would be advised to (a) ask why they supposedly don’t give a sh*t, (see above) and (b) could this be the cause of being flaky?

“You Need Me” Syndrome

We’ll settle this one right here and now: All humans have needs, men are no different than women are in this category. If one says, “Oh…I need you…” what’s he supposed to think…you’re lying? Nah…he just doesn’t believe you.

“The Sexuality of Women”

I love the writer’s comments vis-a-vie gentlemen’s clubs, starring at asses, and the like…I mean its good humor and funny. But the fact remains, even though you’re on a diet, it’s still okay to look at a menu isn’t it? Back to reality for a moment…the fact of the matter is that women are around 70% more inclined to cheat with another man, than a man with another woman.


Albeit this is typical bull squat, it is still about the best darn point the writer makes. It’s his money, and he’ll spend it as he pleases; however, one thing being left out…about at least 70% of the time you are there to receive the benefits he’s spending it for.

Albeit there is no real data to support any of these assumptions, it definitely raises ‘credibility’ problems; moreover, inasmuch as these may be some concoction of the writer, there are definitely ‘reliability’ problems, and lastly…we found this to be an excellent bit of writing-not that any of it is true, yet rather for someone it is true and therefore should be looked at by male readers.

Is this valid? There once was a story of a person trying to put a shoe on a person’s foot; although, the size was wrong the person nonetheless thought that this shoe would fit and it did for them. Moral: If the shoe fits wear it…if it doesn’t fit, think of the person whose trying to put it on your foot. Cheers!


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