It’s Time to Put Up or Shut Up…

Show me, don't tell me

Show me, don't tell me

Well the parties have chosen who they feel will do the best job. Now for the next 60-some-odd-days we get treated to the worst travesties and of the worst sort: We get to hear human beings tear the tar out of each other relentlessly and no holds barred. The faces this time are different; however, the rhetoric is still the same.

Months ago, years ago I wrote how we, the citizenry of this nation, had become victims to our governments 3 famous lies. The government of this nation lies to cover-up its older lies and so on. Oops! Sorry I meant to write misspoke.

So here we are at the crossroads of another significant time in America’s history. It should be a time for positive discourse and let’s work together to build a better America, however, we all know that it is a time for bashing, lying, cruelty, and bull squat.

Some are espousing ‘Change‘ is coming. Okay. The same clan is espousing ‘Unity‘ yet still can’t quite seem to keep their relationships with each other unified. Therefore I rather doubt that anything remotely resembling ‘Change‘ will happen, it’s like removing the dross from the silver and what is left?

Prove to me and the rest of America that there are three [3] changes you can make. These changes I readily admit are really quite simple if a person were to get up, shower, dress and go to work. However, once atop the ‘Hill’ real work ceases.

Three changes that Americans have wanted for decades:

An overwhelming majority of us want English as our national language.

Another overwhelming majority of us do not want “anchor babies” receiving American citizenship at birth. Quite simply, we demand that the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution be changed accordingly.

There was a time in our nation’s young history when a group of folks who were experiencing suffrage against their will, their very religious beliefs to the core was banned and oppression was common place.

These very individuals sold everything, including themselves with indentured servitude to raise the money to pay their way. In other words, when things got really abhorrent in their countries, they did not assume that any one or two particular nations were the “designated space” where anyone with difficulties at home could freely come to the United States and after living here illegally for a number of years or even their entire lives, demand or expect American citizenship.

Therefore regarding the almighty ‘Changes’ that we are promised, please don’t forget immigration reform.

There it is…three simple requests for our government to complete. We have been promised these three before with tragic results. So please we have listed three simple “Changes” we’d overwhelmingly love to see in our nation; moreover, we’d love to see if you can produce the change.

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