Hollywood Gets Ready

banner_poster.jpgIf there’s anything Hollywood loves more than the spotlight, it’s a glamorous party and it doesn’t get more glamorous than the Academy Awards.

Celebrities flock to Los Angeles from all over the world, the city itself is abuzz with all things Oscar. Stylists flit about town gathering pricey jewels to bedeck the necks, earlobes, wrists and lapels of their red-carpet clients.

Yep, Stars in sneakers: They’ll don designer tuxedoes and gowns on Sunday, but stars dressed down for weekday rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre. Denzel Washington wore sneakers, track pants and a backward ball cap as he ran through his lines Thursday afternoon.  

A pony tailed, makeup-free Hilary Swank embodied superstar casual chic in a silky white blouse, skinny black pants and towering high heels. She stepped on stage, read through her lines and quickly disappeared into the Kodak commotion.

NEWS FLASH…JUST IN! Since when did the delectable Ms. Swank ever need a dab of make-up in her entire life? That’s just a compliment for Hillary Swank who’s got the body of a brick house and face full of genuine loveliness.

Oscar nominations equals’ party time! Everyone loves recognition from their peers, and actors, directors and film execs are no exception by any stretch of one’s imagination! Why on earth do you think they take four hours making, “I love you,” “I love me,” “Thank you Dahling,” speeches?

And those speeches! They range anywhere from simple and clean—to the mostly far too long with not so hidden agendas? That’s why for many in Hollywood, Oscar week is party week. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but that is one of the things I loathe about the Oscars: albeit presenter, host, hostess, or winner someone always has something to say—and it’s not ‘thank you.’

Bring on the bling: The red carpet wouldn’t be complete without oodles of jewels, and stars and stylists have their pick of the bling during Oscar time. Maya Rudolph, who was set to accompany her longtime partner, writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, to Sunday’s ceremony, will choose from 20-karat leaf-shaped dangles, 20-karat chandeliers and 15-karat teardrop-shaped earrings. Average price: $45,000 a pair.

In Hollywood’s golden age, actresses wore their own jewelry to events, Lane said. But Rudolph, like most red-carpet beauties, is borrowing the pricey gems. The average ‘A-List’ star will be wearing approximately $250,000 in borrowed accessories.

“A star could not buy enough jewelry to accessorize every red carpet she does” added the jeweler, “In Hollywood,  it’s all about relationships.”

Just a short addition that I realized upon writing the above statement: “…a star could not buy enought…for every red carpet she does.”  My sidebar here: Could this be because of the increase of red carpet events that stars are now doing? Ahem…Golden Globes, SAG Awards, BAFTA Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, who says this is the one time for a big party Hollywood?

One very small observation: If Hollywood was all about relationships, why don’t they last longer?


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    Never enough jewelry. You can never, ever have enough jewelry.


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