Obama circumventing Congress IS NOT THE WAY the Constitution or its Founders Envisioned

Obama circumventing Congress

Obama officials do not deny that they are circumventing Congress. In a recent interview, senior Obama adviser David Plouff told CNN “if congress would act, we would be happy to sign the DREAM Act tomorrow.” Since it has not done so, the White House is going to accomplish the same objection unilaterally.

Is there anyone in the house? Is anyone whatsoever reading? What senior Obama adviser David Plouff is saying is literally, “…my way or the highway…” Did any of these “ advisors” or the president possibly think that Congress has acted on the matter and their answer pursuant to a full Congressional vote was “No!” (Think of the Lame Duck presidency and congress, December 2011.)

Of course most law abusing quasi-thugs out of Chicago would love to think this is just hunky-dory. However, this is not the way our representative democracy was originally set up by the very founders of our home turf.

Ostensibly when any particular branch of government puts for legislation to become law, it therefore originates in the House, Senate, or the White House. We know that the House and Senate (Congress) make the laws and we know that the President (White House) implements and introduces the laws.  If any branch’s attempt at law making is stymied along the way then unfortunately it’s back to square one, meaning start over.

Therefore having presented this legislation as early as 2007 and in each year thereafter is defeated by the same House, Senate, and White House then it all goes back to square one. The last time this particular legislation was presented was in December 2011, and as in so many years before it was defeated again.

For the sake of integrity, dignity, and plain good manners we suggest that any further action taken on this particular bill did not happen therefore it must back to square one. Since this legislation had been defeated in the Senate and ostensibly the White House, it is the responsibility of those who voted this legislation down to remand the bill and submit it again. This process we do not recall ever happening; furthermore, we do not that this now defunct legislation was ever put into real action again.

So why does Barack Obama and his “advisors” state that “…if congress would act…” inasmuch as congress already acted! It is again typical Obama blubbering to use this action for his and only his political gain.
According to Jonathon Turley he writes:

“The Administration will no longer deport illegal aliens under 30 who came to this country as children — effectively negating part of the federal law. It raises some troubling questions, again, about President Obama assertion of executive power. While liberals again celebrate the unilateral action, they ignore that danger that the next president may also simply chose to ignore whole areas of the federal law and criminal code in areas ranging from the environment to employment discrimination. It is one more brick in the wall of the Imperial Presidency constructed under Barack Obama — a wall that may prove difficult to dismantle for citizens in the future.”

In addition from Mr. Turley’s writing “It is also hard to ignore the obvious political play for Hispanic votes in key swing states. Obama waited for years to take this action and did so with polls showing that Hispanics will likely select the next president. Even some of the more liberal columnists and reporters are acknowledging that this change appears driven by politics.”

So then are we to believe a person who openly stated that the “…federal government is inactive against illegal immigration…” or are we to believe that Obama used the Latino vote to be reelected?

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