So how do we improve America…

So how do we improve America

The very first notion we need to do is to ask ourselves these questions. How has America changed from my birth to present? Second we should devour this question, what is the American Dream or the American Way? It would be gratefully considered if you were to get real with yourselves and ask does the American way still exist? Above all we need to ask ourselves, what we are prepared to do to initiate change in America and then have a look at history.

During Tom Brokaw’s time in the spotlight with The Greatest Generation I’ll bet that many of us believed he was writing about his own generation much the same as did the Baby Boomers the Generation X’ers, and now the Millennial Generation does the talking of their accomplishments to the greatest nation in history.

Problem is folks that we are the only ones that perceive America as being that great. We don’t know why illegal immigrants come in search for the American Dream because they couldn’t define it anymore than illustrate where it exists.

All the way through Brokaw’s book we are partakers of stories from those who made up the Greatest Generation and their harrowing stories of going on tire drives and anything plastic made that could be melted down and reused in the manufacturing of explosive material. He discusses the sacrifices those men and women made: the bodily harm they suffered in war, the diligence with which they built families and businesses, the courage they displayed in rehabilitating their war wounds, the integrity and values that infused their lives.

The consistent theme of that spectacular work is mentioned in every post we have written for weeks. The common themes that were held by these people who defined this nation are sacrifice, suffering in bodily or mental forms, rehabilitation of lost limbs and yet, how these very same people never “whined or whimpered” they just focused on building their businesses.

Moreover, they focused on building their families (not a choice) and through their integrity stuck to the traditions and customs of their time. Where through the test of time, and a few individuals who would not compromise on such values as liberty, values, morals, ethics, the Judeo-Christian principles of conduct, as well as the rule of law, with justice as a premium.

These are the matters and reasons that caused millions of men and women to arm-up and save their country. From what? An egocentric maniac, ruthless dictator who knew little of values, less about ethics, and who was on the path to worldwide domination. Where somehow the decisions were made that if you had Jewish ancestry you would be doomed to die. This dictator was taking away the liberties of the people and turning them into the liberties of the state!

Americans on the other hand – and yes, however way it is mentioned is a nation of immigrants who, although participating in the cultural norms of the country, also believed in keeping values, moral standards, and the rule of law. This is what propelled them to get up each day and work or fight for food on one land through the Great Depression or to risk it all – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to stop the craziness that was endangering all of Europe, Eurasia, and the rest of the world.

One particular area that catches our attention that is happening more and more these days than ever before is the faux notion of government accountability. A government accountable to stand firm in the sights of America’s target and taking personal responsibility for actions that have occurred on your particular watch.

More coming…

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