The irresponsible media…again!

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Responsible spending?

We just read one of the most active blogs today here at WordPress entitled: “The Media doing what it does best these days feeding us disinformation.” And with substantial admiration the author(s) do a rather convincing job of illustrating how the main-stream media in this country does, in fact, feed not only misinformation but disinformation as well.

The site is named Fabius Maximus and for those of us who feel like we’re being fed a whole lot of bull squat, do yourselves a favor and rush over to FM’s site. Most of all, just like all the great sites I have listed in my Blogroll each one of these are responsible enough to cite their sources thus giving credibility and validity to their works.

FM certainly doesn’t need me to help plug his blog; oh contraire, what we need to do is inspire more of our readers here at The Thinker to pay a visit over there and see just how the main-stream media has made it’s assault on everyday Americans and others.

One of the articles I read gave a brief history of the press and its journalist’s since about the 1970s. The only issue that I would add to his expose would be the notion of how regular reporting turned into ‘investigative reporting or investigative journalism.’

Please have no misunderstandings about it. The media in this country has a responsibility perhaps even more so than most other industries. After all they do have specific legislation and very specific rights and freedoms under the U.S. Constitution. Seriously…what on earth does it benefit to have a media spewing lies, fabrications, partial truths, or even misinformation? No, that would be irresponsible, unjust, and unequal under the law.

Three quick matters of interest: How many of you taught your children that upon signing any contract, check, or important document to make sure and read the entire document before signing it? People, we are addressing common sense here that’s all.

Yet, our elected government officials routinely vote on trillion dollar bailout/stimulus packages before they’re even written! How can we teach our children, moreover, our students not to use common sense when the very individuals they’re supposed to be looking up too, don’t?  But it does get worse: with specific portions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act literally changed over the weekend, it infuriates me to even think that the President was merrily on his way to Denver, Colorado to ceremoniously sign it.  Ad Nauseum!

Two: This entire matter of the new Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Eric Holden, and his speech he gave at the Justice Department referring to American as a “nation of cowards” for not taking appropriate steps to stand up to racism. Mr. Holder said the workplace is largely integrated; however Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives. Ut oh! Look out for an infringement of your ‘free-time rights.” (See American Age and contribute in the poll!)

And lastly please inform your local congressional officials that this entire notion of “redistribution of wealth” pursuant to hurting the rich for the advancement of those lesser fortunate is absurd and disgusting. Thank you.    


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3 Responses to The irresponsible media…again!

  1. Jon-Paul says:

    hey cc,

    Many more kudos back at ya.’ I love the content of your work. Your last two posts have really generated some comments!

    I get the feeling that when people see where their money is going and in what amounts, things become a lot more clear for them…(or I still hope for)

    Thanks for the add! Looks great!


  2. USWeapon says:

    Thanks for posting this site for us to visit. I found it enjoyable and honest. Also thanks for the continued support of my site. Stand Up For America has grown in leaps and bounds lately and we are starting to have some impacts. Great article!

  3. MadMom says:

    Tried to leave a post the other day in response to your post on my blog, but it didn’t stick. Feel free to contact me on the About Me page at Have put you on my blogroll. Thanks, CC

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