INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE…A Victim of Political Correctness..?

internal-revenue-service-dailycaller-3-e1368570773514INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE…A Victim of Political Correctness..?

The report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that while for the most part the reward program for IRS workers complied with federal regulations, employees who had themselves failed to pay their federal taxes and had discipline problems were also rewarded.

This is the point where every citizen should be demanding an independent investigation insofar as we wrote just last week, that if various departments within the executive branch are not regulated and put before oversight committees on an annual basis then these agencies could fall victim to corruption and graft.

“While not prohibited, providing awards to employees who have been disciplined for failing to pay federal taxes appears to create a conflict with the IRS’s charge of ensuring the integrity of the system of tax administration,” Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George said.

And this should be analyzed and put under temporary provisions. It furthermore seems to me that an award is based on merit or due an individual for exemplary services.

The watchdog found that in the period from October 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012 over Who What Why When Where Signpost Showing Confusion Brainstorming And Research2,800 employees who had been disciplined for conduct problems, including issues with federal tax compliance, had received over $2.8 million in monetary awards and over 27,000 hours in time-off awards.

The watchdog found that the more than 1,100 employees who had issues with tax compliance received more than $1 million in monetary awards and more than 10,000 hours in time-off awards.

Plain and simple for me, there has to be changes made period! This is American evolution under the guise of political correctness. Moreover, this is what is happening in America where everyone believes their child is owed something just for making a team. What is even worse, is by signing up the child becomes a participant and sorry for America folks we have entered into a time when “participating” is rewarded.


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Finally the Supreme Court appears to have made sense…

Finally the Supreme Court appears to have made sense…

Supreme-Court-building-2-SCIn a fractured decision that revealed deep divisions over what role the judiciary should play in protecting racial and ethnic minorities, the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans affirmative action in admissions to the state’s public universities.

The California Senate, seeking to increase minority representation at state university campuses, passed a bill this year that would have eliminated Proposition 209, that state’s 1996 ban on racial preferences. The bill was backed by many Latinos, but opposed by many Asian groups. Last month, the State Assembly speaker sent it back to the Senate without taking any action.

This month, in what could become the next round of affirmative-action litigation, the Virginia-based Project on Fair Representation set up websites featuring photos of Asian students in an attempt to find plaintiffs for race-based discrimination suits against Harvard, the University of North Carolina and the University of Wisconsin.

Now considering that example is absolutely where we draw our line, sorry, where we see potential litigation and hard feelings based on what the Asian are who have been contacted had every right to do. However, using top quality sense and professionalism rarely seen on campuses today, we are proud of these students and their families.

Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, has argued that colleges can achieve diversity without considering race, through such measures as admitting the top students from each high school in the state, taking family income into account, and ending preferences for legacy students.

We believe that the entire diversity based racial distortion are and quite openly have seenus-supreme-court-300x300 their day. Fortunately for some US taxpayers many of the State funded universities have stopped with the diversity excuse – because they, as well as we, believe that none of affirmative action policies is remotely concerned with racial diversity.

Roger Clegg, president of the conservative Center for Equal Opportunity, said he hoped to see the bans proliferate, whether through ballot initiatives or legislation. “Not every state has ballot initiatives, but where ballot initiatives are not available, state legislatures should act,” he said. “And where state legislatures won’t act, then action should be taken at the local level.”

“I think this issue is largely settled,” said Ward Connerly, president of the American Civil Rights Institute. “Most Americans have made up their minds that the government should not treat people differently based on race, and they’re kind of impatient that we continue to wrestle with the question.”

The 6-to-2 ruling effectively endorsed similar measures in seven other states. It may also encourage more states to enact measures banning the use of race in admissions or to consider race-neutral alternatives to ensure diversity.

In five separate opinions spanning more than 100 pages, the justices set out starkly conflicting views. The justices in the majority, with varying degrees of vehemence, said that policies affecting minorities that do not involve intentional discrimination should be decided at the ballot box rather than in the courtroom.

_one color

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Here ladies and gentlemen is a good look at what we are paying for with regards to our congressional leadership. The following article is a rather disturbing look at what suggestions are being made to those who are drafting the (“there will be no Special Citizenship plans from us”) latest revisions to the immigration reform plans.

Here is a disturbing new idea from some members of Congress: Trade instant citizenship to illegal immigrants if they will agree to serve in the U.S. military.

Serving in the military is a high calling and a privilege—certainly not something to be treated as a bargaining chip in immigration politics. Yet these congressmen are trying to sneak this provision into the larger National Defense Authorization Act, which lays out the budget for the Department of Defense.

What’s more, the immigrants in question would be those who are brought to the U.S. as children—often called DREAM’ers (after the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act).

logo“Allowing unlawful immigrants to join the military in exchange for citizenship is a radical and perverse incentive that would encourage more illegal immigration of children,” writes Heritage experts David Inserra and Cully Stimson. (See full story here.)

One of the problems with any amnesty-based immigration policy is that it encourages more illegal immigration. Offering a shortcut to citizenship in return for military service is no different.

And not only would this plan worsen immigration problems; it would also create new security concerns.

(Please continue on reading this story at: here.)

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Can you believe this..?

mosque-apThe Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is urging mosques and Muslim institutions nationwide to consider applying for funds available through the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP).

The program is designed to assist nonprofit organizations that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks with procuring and installing security equipment to enhance safety.

Anyone who follows this masterful piece of writing will openly admit that it was I approximately three years ago that wrote to my congressional officials Elijah Cummings, both senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben ‘Hopeless’ Cardin, as well as President Obama, and none other than his trusted comrade-in-arms, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that if they continued to grant Protected Status to every asylum seeker or refugee, or especially illegal’s from other areas of the world, then it would not be long until they went after the funding for grants from US taxpayers to protect their things.

Any individual that migrates to this nation and then uses the very system to strike out against us – primarily religiously and receive millions of dollars for it is pseudo-law suits should be being watched for whatever they desire when it comes to funding.

It seemed very, very logical to me that (A) It is our State department that originally finances their operations with taxpayer funds. And (B) that if we provided funds for their very special interest group standing, then why not go after DHS for more?

This certainly goes to what the Founders of this great nation termed human nature. Please make it a point to spend a little time at Discover the Networks site this week. Thank you.


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???What happens to the overall national citizenry and then onward, involving the entire world when a wealthy, innovative, and industrialized nation loses all concepts of the morals and values that were largely responsible for it to aspire to such a world leader?

Now in the interest of good reading let’s look at some leadership personalities and to what lengths they will go to being popular, in demand, almost a little naughty in order to retain some, or most people they have collected? Some persons will be identified, furthermore, laws albeit by the state or federal government, and we must be real about this by examining a couple of cases and points using the real world.

I certainly do not want to be unruly at this point. However, when one considers the dangerous involvement of the Justice department with its assorted former SEALS, Rangers, and mercenaries for hire, and the organizations they represent are once called on to address a matter, if for some odd reason the operation goes sour then everyone goes into a reflective process.

“To promote true religion is the best and most effective way of making a virtuous and regular people. Love to God and love to man is the substance of religion; when these prevail, civil laws will have little to do.” –John Witherspoon, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Just in recent history the entire compound know as “Waco, Texas” featuring the branch Dividian’s experienced its total demise; Janet Reno was the U. S. Attorney General during the Clinton administration. It is the same Clinton administration that waltzed into office whilst having two or more lawsuits following him (and her) that included a sexual harassment charge brought on when William Clinton was still the Governor of Arkansas; that one was immediately followed by the Jennifer Flowers alleged wrong doings brought forth by the male perpetrator.

Why so 'Honorable"?

Why so ‘Honorable”?

Oh yes the alleged transgressions continued, albeit on a different court docket. It seems as though some parties had brought charges against William and Hillary Clinton in a real estate venture called Whitewater. It was not to long afterward that rumors, gossip, or the truth popped up regarding the President’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern.

“I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” –Thomas Jefferson

Similarly now we have leadership holding office in the Obama administration that somehow thinks it is all right to empower Mexican drug cartel by furnishing them with guns, ammo, and money for what? Interestingly, the amount of information that alerted authorities to possible involvement by members of the Obama administration came from inside the agencies.

internal-revenue-service-dailycaller-3-e1368570773514To go from Fast and Furious quickly to matters relevant to Obama administration members caught up in some “Birth-er scheme” was intense. And I am sure history will one day reveal why it was so important for Obama to lie about an 8 minute video tape that caused civil unrest in Benghazi, Libya. We certainly don’t want to be short on the same matter of events to include crossing the red line in the sand with Syria very much in the same time period that we find that the IRS is spying on and making assessments against those who Obama loathed.

Just once I will go on record and say that this thought torments me. Imagine in a few years time when being released from all proceedings we have President Obama either in his Memoirs or just for the stink of it manages to say on international television. “Yes the US of America needs several of the current laws thoroughly amended such as, “How does a man rise to the level of the Presidency who legitimately cannot prove where or when he was born; and although experts agree that his birth certificate was indeed a forgery no specific agency put it to the fire. We may find out that Benghazi was a total set up in hatred for the seven or so General officers’ that either quit or were retired by Obama. Moreover, we may find that the IRS scandal was orchestrated by the Justice department for the President.

Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

When one thinks about the morality and values of a nation going downhill one thinks about how Obama and Eric Holder did a stand up gig for Al Sharpton. And then the next day were on the early morning shows with the “how is it that a US Attorney General can go through…”

“Omitting study about religions gives students the impression that religions have not been, and are not now, part of the human experience. Since the purpose of social studies is to provide students with a knowledge of the world…, studying about religions should be an essential part of the social studies curriculum.” –National Council for the Social Studies Study About Religions in the Social Studies Curriculum, Position Statement.

“Public schools may not provide religious instruction, but they may teach about religion, including the Bible or other scripture:  the history of religion, comparative religion, the Bible (or other scripture)-as-literature, and the role of religion in the history of the United States and other countries all are permissible public school subjects.” –U. S. Department of Education Legal Guidelines on Religious Expression in Public Schools.


Ultimately, it shows how the Bible and Judeo-Christian thought are arguably the nation’s most significant foundational root and its enduring source of strength.  Americans must learn, teach, defend, and preserve the American idea for our families and our nation so that it may endure.

“There is no nation so powerful, as the one that obeys its laws not from principles of fear or reason, but from passion.” –Charles de Montesquieu

“Two things in America are astonishing: the changeableness of most human behavior and the strange stability of certain principles. Men are constantly on the move, but the spirit of humanity seems almost unmoved.” –Alexis de Tocqueville

“The great essential to our happiness and prosperity is that we adhere to the principles upon which the Government was established and insist upon their faithful observance.” –William McKinley

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Waiting to Happen…The Founders

4429_StrengthThere exist several studies today that clearly support the factual basis that Americans today are quite ignorant about the principles and ideas that have shaped our nation. As a result of this non-teaching; moreover, the unlawful teaching of religion, or even most types of theology, we believe that what has gotten a terrible wrap as the result of humankind’s ego is none other than the Bible.

Please bear with me for I am not coming from any secular interest group, or God forbid, certainly not any one of the new Christian mall-store church, or any such notion. The issue with the writing today is factual based primarily on the studies conducted by the Inter Scholastic Institute (see results of a random Citizenship Test given to everyone by clicking here.)

Liberals, conservatives, independents, college graduates, some college, high school graduates, some high school and of course the racial lines have all endured how smart or dumb we all can be please see here. Pew, Gallup, and Rasmussen as well as several other big polling agencies have additional polls on standards of living, as well as the ways which America was wrought civilly.

Therefore, there are statistical data that monitor principals and values that clearlystory illustrate that America is in a fragmented, unclear, and divided about what it is that our nation stands for and above all where our nation is headed.

first-amendmentWe believe that unless most (if not all) Americans learn and/or relearn or learn for the first time about America’s positive founding principles and values, the American idea will cease to exist. No American Dream simply because America will be out of existence. Gone…forever.

Even fewer Americas understand or agree that the United States has been founded on principles that can be directly found in the Bible. While I hear and understand the argument that America is not a Christian nation if for a simple enough reason that the Founders felt it was not up to a government to be involved in either the establishment or the freedom of worship aspects, they nonetheless documented those rules in the U.S. Constitution.

One cannot ascribe or coalesce to the American Standard without acknowledging that it was in fact Judeo-Christian thought and Biblical understanding that has set the tone by which everything American – manufacturing, production, work ethics, standards of behavior, the basic what and why things (such as people, freedom, liberty, and normal cell phone usage) in America are the way they are and that many of these value based principles are under severe attack.

Many world leaders (as well as our own) refer to America as a secular based society, yet the last time I checked it still says, “one Nation under God” on our currency. Lately many individuals are talking about the next print run of paper currency and what it is being discussed depresses me.

Face it our leadership in this nation lies. I remain unmotivated to called it misspoke, fabrication, or “little white lies” or any of the political correctness that goes along with those who condone the behavior.
By the work ethic and know how there are a very few organizations such as Judicial Watch that do things the proper way and somehow are recipients of email traffic from Lois Lerner, the former IRS agent who plead the 5th Amendment (non-incrimination, self-protection) within a Congressional hearing and now we are finding out just how deep some of the lies have been. Lerner contacted the Justice department, who we are reasonably certain contacted the White House because she knew how seriously she was not aligned with her own moral principles.

lighted crossYep, I do believe that we should use the Bible as a text in school. It is the number one best-selling book of all time and that is based on the book being the best-seller year after year. I do believe that the Bible can and should be used in civics coursework as well as political science, humanities, some history disciplines to name a few.

Interesting and I have never really thought about this but…I did take a Comparative Religions course in high school where the Bible was used not as a learning device but far more as a teaching device. As an undergraduate I studied a great deal of Theology where books of other religious beliefs were used, and in graduate school I did have coursework that included the Bible.

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Other uses for the Bible in Public Schools..?

51HygO6tecL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Public Schools

We would like to make a very relevant coursework assessment as our empirical observations as well as research has shown us. There has been so much to say about Common Core curriculum that it is just alike or the same with every other “change” that is made in everything.

Speaking of such, I got so excited the other evening whilst watching some late night television. Imagine this dialog in a comedy: “Do you know what people from all over the world hate more than anything else?” No…no not really; what is the consensus with the people around the world and what they fall victim to almost every year. Here it comes – CHANGES.

As far as Common Core is out and in most areas being diligently used, we find that professional research be conducted to show just how the program is going. It is of no surprise to anyone regular to this website should be “Passing Go” and receiving their $200 provided that they at the very least know something about my exploits professionally.

As quick and as slight as I possibly can, I became a trading partner at the Chicago Commodities Exchange Commission at an extremely young age. It was somewhere between the Army experience and my very first apartment so I would guess somewhere near twenty-one years of age. However, for my own clients as well as me we all did extraordinary.

BibleWorks9-recursos-2 - CopyThis exposure to the commodities markets unleashed something in me insofar as relating the Wolf of Wall Street was not too difficult for me to understand. Mind you, only the outrageously good and prosperous times inasmuch as I still have not seen the film – therefore one must be careful indeed.

Everything that I could remember – with the exception of one issue – just up and changed about me. Let us see here, my first visit to the Academy Awards, first invitation to the Prime Minister’s home, won in my first international grand master championship in backgammon, damn near almost got married, whew that was a close one!

Needless to say my life was an unforgettable series of changes that could have floored just about anyone. One day whilst sitting at my home I received a phone call from the Social Affairs Office asking if I would be available for a meet and greet for I do not remember what team it was or sport they played basically, nothing, about what was going on. I did not care much for the President then…so I thanked the officer very much and said goodbye.

I mentioned earlier that there was one aspect about my life that did not change, actually I had no reason to let anything I could or would do here ever assault or bring trouble in the biggest mental health, physical, emotional, loving, caring, straight up man I would ever aspire to be. And that was my relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Furthermore I know I have written some literature on this site that deals with how the earliest schools, teachers and students, used the Bible as their very first textbook. I vividly remember in college how that fact became known to me.

images (10) - Copy So tonight on Fox News O’Reilly said that one could not teach the history of the United States without discussing Judeo-Christian tradition and the impact it had on the Framers. This has been a premise of mine for years especially with the culture wars, being experienced by everyone alive who cared about the formula of the Federalist Papers, U.S. Constitution, our latest culture of corruption that is not letting up, And worse still a group of law enforcement personnel who daily feel a sense of betrayal on the one hand and on the other different members of LE who seem to want to assign everything not going their way to…Racism.

Now, for the first time ever, the American Heritage Education Foundation presents a new book that explores the correlation between America’s philosophical origins and the Bible Miracle of America shows how the Bible and Judeo-Christian thought are arguably the nation’s most significant foundational root and its enduring source of strength. Professional educators and historians have praised Miracle of America as the first-ever systematic analysis of the relationship between key American political principles and Judeo-Christian ideas.

O’Reilly asked Krauthammer why schools are not teaching about religion, if that is the case. “Well because we’re not teaching anything,” Krauthammer said. “We’re not teaching the Civil War, we’re not teaching who the founders are, we’re not explaining anything. I’ve looked at the AP exams that my son had to write in high school, there are whole gaps in the history.”

There is far, so far more information processing teachable facts that are listed in the Bible to include the Mayflower Compact, and a whole list of miraculous thinks that occurred with the Founder’s and I look so forward to discussing them with you here.


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Okay come on please! The hoops, bells, and whistles that individuals such as these that have sold everything to get employment – I ask just a couple of questions for those who are knowledgeable.

Petty though it may seem, who cares about pettiness when your U.S. President is breaking every law to fudge numbers regarding deportation. So if an unknowing person goes and gets deported for this action (and it will happen) who claims the credit? And for my second question: Who really is to benefit from this program?

Is this stretching the law to accommodate shall we say “illegal’s” supposed to be fundamentally sound enough to place these applicants at the front of a classroom?

Long before Alejandro Fuentes Mena became a fifth grade teacher, he was an undocumented immigrant from Chile. In August, he started at the Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School as part of effort by Denver Public Schools administrators to be the first school district in the nation to actively seek out teacher’s people who were initially brought to the United States illegally.

So this is what our U.S. Department of Education, Homeland Security, every other agency that is supported therein, US Immigration, and Customs Enforcement officials are doing? Oh! I will do it now…Dear U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: You have stated internationally on television “what is it that allows someone to go after an attorney general like that…?”

I need to ask you Sir, do you have any notion whatsoever that it may be by your “Legacy of Lack of Accomplishments,” suing other Unified States like Arizona to get laws that you want passed so as to include ‘racial profiling’ and any other ‘Potemkin Accomplishments’ that you just might get by on people. That kind of behavior has lost your respect with us, yet you are still ‘stuck on stupid’ to figure anything within your purview, or do you think it is your not giving a damn about the U.S. Constitution that is really making everyone skeptical of your job performance and thus, for the way in which they speak to or about you?

Just a couple of points to make here Mr. Holder: One, how well did your intervention into a Western Chicago teacher asking for additional time off to attend Ramadan last year; although I think we both know that she had 25 years to do it prior, and 3 years after coming here she decided to inform her supervisors rather than to do it the proper way.

By the way, the entire school board voted “No” for her request. And to think that all it took was for you to be dishonest and to flood a left leaning mainstream media of how important human rights, civil rights, and religious liberties are to you. How about Jonathon and Elaine Huguenin? Two, how do you think it looks for you to walk approximately 3/4s of a mile and then tell U.S. Congressmen/women and the American public that you do not have what it is that they have asked you for 11 months in advance? And yes Mr. Attorney General it does get worse — are you even aware that these individuals mentioned had already seen the documents you said “did not exist.”

Department of Denver Public Schools is working with Teach for America to bring in people with an official status of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” as determined by the federal government. Part of the requirements for DACA status is that a person must have been brought to the United States under the age of 16 and have a clean criminal record. Here is where I get totally offended by you the president, and you unprofessional Congressional diplomatic associates.

Denver Public Schools is operated and run by the state of Colorado, USA. Teach for America is part of the governmental entity referred to as the United States Peace Initiative. So how fair is it that there are tens of thousands of teachers holding Master’s degrees in Education as well as Bachelor’s degrees with special certifications earned along the way? Moreover, how fair is it to employ one out of the country person who may or may not been a part of this scheme but has DACA Special Status certification? In other words, why are they looking to hire DACA members rather than the several American’s who are better trained, educated, and very good at what they do?

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Sen. Feinstein’s Own Statement Alleges White House Committed Impeachable Offense

04official-hi_res_PhotoGallery Oh well I just could not help it! Under normal circumstances I would have read this comment by Senator Feinstein and then as any self-respecting student, writer, journalist should do is rewrite this comment in one’s own words.

However, as for tonight I know that I can post where the article came from and give all subsequent credit to who originally wrote it and I am clear.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is angry with the CIA. We all know that. What the media isn’t reporting is that Feinstein is blaming The White House for the CIA’s actions.

And that, my friends, is an impeachable offense.

This from Feinstein’s own website:

In May of 2010, the committee staff noticed that [certain] documents that had been provided for the committee’s review were no longer accessible. Staff approached the CIA personnel at the offsite location, who initially denied that documents had been removed. CIA personnel then blamed information technology personnel, who were almost all contractors, for removing the documents themselves without direction or authority. And then the CIA stated that the removal of the documents was ordered by the White House. When the committee approached the White House, the White House denied giving the CIA any such order…

…When the Internal Panetta Review documents disappeared from the committee’s computer system, this suggested once again that the CIA had removed documents already provided to the committee, in violation of CIA agreements and White House assurances that the CIA would cease such activities…

I have grave concerns that the CIA’s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution, including the Speech and Debate clause. It may have undermined the constitutional framework essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activities or any other government function.

If, in fact, The White House ordered the CIA to interfere with a Senate investigation in this manner – literally to spy on Congress, then we’ve got a whole new ballgame.

The above article was procured at downtrend_3_a1   and originally written by Joseph R. Carducci.



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Some very simple introspective critical analysis may be precisely what the doctor has ordered, Sir.

“Some very simple introspective critical analysis may be precisely what the doctor has ordered, Sir.”

One would think that during the normal course of events when ridicule of one’s decisions or unpleasantness with one’s professional performance is brought to the forefront of national and/or international scrutiny, which in the following case(s) definitely involves the press as well as electronic media.

Therefore, it ostensibly demands that the person(s) whom such scrutiny would first look into themselves for any congruities or those symptoms causing such ridicule would be identified, sorted out, with the person looking into both – one’s self perception, as well as what it is that is being alleged about the individual where one would have the mental maturity to ask themselves, “Could this perception be right or even possible?”

holder in contemptLately we have had the most unsophisticated as well as nonprofessional individuals whining and gripping about the way in which they are confronted or speaking directly, “What Attorney General has ever received that kind of treatment…? Although this sentence was taken from The Daily Rushbo that was featuring Mark Levine’s reaction to the AG’s message entitled, Levin Goes NUCLEAR On Holder: Stop Whining Big Baby! Start Doing Your Job! You’re Pathetic!

The point that I am trying to make is that none, nil, nada, zilch, or zero of these quasi-professionals are asking the most fundamental and rudimentary question before spewing such nonsense, from the president to the attorney general to several members of congress and that is, “Well how true are these assertions being made?”

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully Critical_Thinking_SEAL100conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

It entails the examination of those structures or elements of thought implicit in all reasoning: purpose, problem, or question-at-issue; assumptions; concepts; empirical grounding; reasoning leading to conclusions; implications and consequences; objections from alternative viewpoints; and frame of reference.

Critical thinking — in being responsive to variable subject matter, issues, and purposes — is incorporated in a family of interwoven modes of thinking, among them: scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, historical thinking, anthropological thinking, economic thinking, moral thinking, and philosophical thinking.

And finally, in a seminal study on critical thinking and education in 1941, Edward Glaser defines critical thinking as follows “The ability to think critically, as conceived in this volume, involves three things: ( 1 ) an attitude of being disposed to consider in a thoughtful way the problems and subjects that come within the range of one’s experiences, (2) knowledge of the methods of logical inquiry and reasoning, and (3) some skill in applying those methods. Critical thinking calls for a persistent effort to examine any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the evidence that supports it and the further conclusions to which it tends.

This is one single area where America in our minds has regressed. Normally if someone says something about the way in which I perform my first reaction is always directed inwards towards me.

Those who are a part of the Millennial generation are engaged in learning their behavior’s and otherwise from this lackluster bunch of losers who are immensely adept at skirting the truth, postponing a complete answer, changing laws with hand washing, and who have no intention of ever being incorrect about anything they have ever been a part of.

As for us at The Contemplative Thinker this is what we feel is wrong with America or the American Way.


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